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The Funniest Santa Claus Memes for Christmas Day

Santa Claus is coming to town very soon. But this guy gets all the credit for the gifts. Does that seem fair? Here are some of the funniest Santa Claus memes to make you laugh. Be warned: there may a little salty towards Santa.

The Best Santa Memes to Make You Laugh

These funny Santa memes for 2022 remind you who decides who’s naughty and who’s nice. Even though Santa Claus may get all the credit, I still try to be on my best behavior, because, hey, gifts. I need good Santa karma.

And if you still haven’t written to the Big Guy yet, these Letters to Santa templates will make it super easy.

Dang Santa.

Clean Santa Claus Meme

Salty Santa. 

Salty Santa Meme

Same guy still taking all the credit.

Santa Claus Meme

I tried. Best to leave it in Amazon’s hands. 

Santa Christmas meme

Grumpy Cat is not a fan. 

Holiday Meme Santa Claus

Santa’s had a rough night. 

Drunk Santa Meme

When Secret Santa takes over.

Secret Santa Meme

At least you can count on Buddy to be excited for Santa!

Elf Santa I Know Him Meme

I mean, it’s all subjective, right?

Santa Claus Naughty Meme

I hope Santa visits you this year!

Merry Christmas!

More Holiday Memes

If you need some more holiday cheer, then these holiday memes will hopefully bring a smile to your face.