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Hilarious 2024 Christmas Memes Better Than Fruitcake

Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays! Feliz Navidad! No matter how you say it, these funny Christmas memes for 2023 will make you laugh! Some of them will get you in the holiday spirit, others will make you chuckle, and others are a little savage. Thanks, Grumpy Cat (RIP). 

Funny Christmas Memes for 2024

These hilarious Christmas memes will put you in the Christmas spirit. Deck those halls, drink that eggnog, wrap the gifts, and prepare to laugh with these holiday memes. Once December hits, it’s fair game for Christmas memes!

These December memes reflect what happens when the clock turns from November 30th to December 1st!

Christmas Shopping

Listen, money’s been a little tight this year. 

Hilarious Broke Christmas Meme


Santa and the reindeer need to get their yoga game on to prepare for Christmas Day. 

Funny Christmas Meme 2022

Grinchy Christmas 

Are you a Grinch or a Buddy the Elf? 

Hilarious Christmas meme

You Better Watch Out

You better not cry, you better not pout, I’m telling you why…

Santa Claus Meme

When You Have Rich Friends

It’s the thought that counts?

Funny Christmas Meme

Fat Christmas

Nothing wrong with a little Christmas lbs.

Fat Cat Christmas

Nature and Christmas

Nature during the holidays is the best!

Rockin Around The Christmas Tree

Or is it The Rock around the Christmas tree? 

Rock Around the Christmas Tree Meme

O Christmas Tree

Listen, nobody looks at the back of the tree, amirite?

Christmas Meme 2022

Credit: KnowYourMeme

Christmas Card Etiquette

Please don’t use an apostrophe to pluralize a last name on your Christmas cards. Santa is begging you.

Funny Christmas Card Meme

When the Elves Misunderstand

Uh oh, Santa’s mad.

2022 Christmas Meme Santa

Christmas Surprise

Those moms sure are sneaky.


Christmas Meme 2022

Christmas on November 1st 

Forget day after Thanksgiving, I think we’ve moved up the date. Nothing wrong with that. 

Me on November 1st meme

Santa’s in Trouble

Poor Santa is just trying to do his job, while Mrs. Claus is not happy about it.

Funny Christmas Meme

The Naughty List

So my list may have gotten shorter this year. 

Salty Christmas Meme

Love Actually Christmas Meme

Love Actually…if you know you know. But also, I blame his character and not Alan Rickman.

Love Actually Christmas Meme

Brace Yourselves for Christmas

It’s November, so Christmas is here!

Game of Thrones Christmas Meme

Star Wars Christmas Meme

Don’t fall for it, guys.

Christmas Star Wars Meme


Grumpy Cat Christmas Meme

Listen, Grumpy Cat is not having it and is throwing shade on your red holiday Starbucks cups. 

Grumpy Cat Christmas Meme

Grumpy Cat Christmas Meme

Grumpy Cat Christmas Meme 2022

Sprinkles Are Where It’s At

Sprinkles make everything better, even Salt Bae knows it.

Salt Bae Christmas Meme

Photo: Mematic

Mariah Carey Christmas

Is it really Christmas if you haven’t heard All I Want for Christmas is You a million times? 

Mariah Carey Christmas Meme 2021

And then it gets old.

All I Want For Christmas is You Meme Mariah Carey

Christmas Music

I love Christmas music, but on a loop, every day? Working retail was brutal sometimes. 

Christmas Music Memes

Close Enough

Well 2023 was a hard year, so maybe I’ll just buy my own stuff.

Santa Christmas meme

Dog Christmas Meme

I’m telling you, those sprinkles are a dead giveaway.

Dog Christmas Meme

Maybe It Was the Dog 

Christmas Magic.

Baby Yoda Christmas Meme

Or 6 years old if you’re a bit older.

Christmas Magic Meme

Scary Christmas Meme

Maybe send this one to an ex. 

Scary Christmas Meme

Family Time

But it’s all about the family time, right?

The Office Christmas Meme

Credit: @alyceoneword

Instead of Gifts

Hey, sometimes the best gifts don’t have to cost money. 

Christmas Opinion Funny Memes

Christmas Movies Meme

At the end of the day, all I want to do is watch Christmas movies, especially Hallmark movies.

Buddy the Elf Memes

Or you could be watching those kinds of documentaries. Sleigh or slay.

funny Christmas movie meme

The Smell of Christmas

If you want to smell of joy, then you know where to go.

Christmas Meme Bath and Body Works


Merry Christmas! I hope Santa brings you what you’ve been asking for.

More Holiday Memes

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