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Funny Festivus Memes to Celebrate the Holiday for the Rest of Us

Calling all Seinfeld fans. December 23rd is the official date of Festivus, the holiday to combat commercialism and to air your grievances. These hilarious Festivus memes will help demonstrate your feats of strength.

Best Festivus Memes for 2023

The episode about Festivus is one of my favorite Seinfeld episodes. Frank Constanza created the holiday as an alternative to the commercialism of Christmas. There’s a festivus pole, an airing of grievances, and even showing your feats of strength by wrestling.

If you celebrate Festivus, these funny memes are for you!

Festivus or Christmas Eve Eve?

So some people may prefer to call it Christmas Eve Eve. Put it on your list of grievances.

Happy Festivus Memes

The Source

And here’s where Festivus all began. 

Festivus Memes

Jedi Festivus

I’m sure Jedis used lightsabers as Festivus Poles. 

Star Wars Festivus Meme

Elaine’s Dancing

Nobody parties for Festivus or Christmas like Elaine. Little kicks. 

Funny Festivus Memes

Credit: Scott Hilburn

Buddy the Elf

I mean even Buddy the Elf can celebrate Festivus!

Memes for Festivus

Festivus for the Rest of Us

No matter how you say, Festivus really is just for the rest of us. Send these Festivus memes to friends and family!

A Festivus For the Rest of Us Meme

Festivus for the Rest of Us


Costanza or can’t stand ya. Either way, perfect for Festivus!

Seinfeld Festivus Meme

Happy Festivus! May you air out your grievances in 2023!

More Holiday Memes

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