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Clean Christmas Memes for 2023 That Won’t Shock Grandma

This Christmas season, we’re staying away from politics and dirty memes, so that when you share these clean Christmas memes, you won’t shock grandma. Ain’t nobody got time for that. 

2023 Clean Christmas Memes

Jesus is the reason for the season, and these 2023 clean Christmas memes are kid friendly! If you want some that are funnier and perhaps a little more scandalous, these funny Christmas memes will also put you in a holly jolly mood.

Speaking of Clean Memes

Yes, Santa, I’d like to request some elves to clean my house or even one that cleans itself, thank you! I promise I’ll be good.

Christmas memes that are clean

Birthday Party

Since Christmas is the day we celebrate Jesus’s birthday, y’all ready? 

Clean Christmas Meme

Clean Santa Claus Meme

No dirty Santa memes here. 

Clean Santa Claus Meme

Nature is Beautiful

I mean nature really is a beautiful thing, just check out all those trees.

Clean Christmas Meme 2022

Pet Christmas Memes to Cleanse Your Timeline

When you just need a cute animal meme to cleanse your socials and timeline.

Cute Dog Christmas Meme

A Christmas poem for you.

Funny Clean Christmas Meme

Home Alone Christmas Meme

I have been asking this for years!! And a vacation at Christmas to boot.

Funny Home Alone Christmas Meme

And you can’t forget this iconic Home Alone quote.

Home Alone Christmas Meme

Clean Christmas Meme Jokes

These jokes are ho-ho-larious!

Starbucks Clean Christmas Meme

Credit: Pinterest

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

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