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Hilarious Happy Birthday Memes Better Than A Gift

Hey shawty, it’s your birthday. We’re gonna party like it’s your birthday. These hilarious Happy Birthday memes are perfect to share with friends and family to give them a laugh on their special day. Totally better than a gift. And cheaper. 

Funny Happy Birthday Memes 2024

Share these funny Happy Birthday memes to make someone’s day! They’re great for friends, family, coworkers, and more! Plus if you forget to send a card, you’ve got a birthday meme up your sleeve.

When you want someone to feel extra magical on their birthday. 

Happy Birthday Queen Meme

For magical creatures only.

Funny Happy Birthday Meme


Happy Birthday Memes

For all the Jack Sparrow fans!

Jack Sparrow Happy Birthday Meme

Your birthday is like your own Christmas!! 

Elf Happy Birthday Meme

Best Birthday Memes

Don’t worry. Bob Ross will just put a happy little birthday over here for you. 

Bob Ross Happy Birthday Meme

Well, when someone you know is old, you can send this Happy Birthday meme.

Old Happy Birthday Meme

Who doesn’t love a little Moira in their lives?

Schitts Creek Birthday Meme

Thank you for being a friend. Happy Birthday!

Best Friend Birthday Meme

Friend Happy Birthday Meme

Funny Happy Birthday Meme

For those queens who need to celebrate the whole week.

Happy Birthday Meme

Napoleon Dynamite is always a good choice.

Napoleon Dynamite Birthday Meme

Sometimes you need to recognize yourself and let the world know!

Happy Birthday to Me Meme

Mary Poppins Birthday Memes

And if you happen to miss a birthday…send this meme and they’ll understand.

Belated Birthday Meme

Happy Birthday Memes for Sisters and Family

Here are some birthday memes to send to family members.

Cousin Eddie Happy Birthday Meme

Happy Birthday, sis!

Funny Happy Birthday Sister Meme

Happy Birthday Sister Meme

Happy Birthday, Dad!

Happy Birthday Father Meme

Happy Birthday Dad Memes

Happy Birthday Memes For Moms

This one rings true.

Happy Birthday Mom Meme

Happy Birthday Mom Meme

Happy Birthday Mother Meme

Elvis Happy Birthday Meme

Birthday Memes for Brothers

And for the brothers! I guess they’re alright. 

Happy Birthday, Bro!

Happy Birthday Brother Meme

Happy Birthday Bro Meme

Happy, happy birthday!

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