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Free Printable Disney Encanto Coloring Pages

Have you seen Disney’s Encanto? This incredible and colorful film is perfect for families! Download these free printable Encanto coloring sheets from the movie of some of your favorite Encanto characters including the Madrigal family, Mirabel, Luisa, Antonio, and more!

Free Encanto Coloring Sheets

Click on each picture below to go to a printable PDF file. These free Encanto Coloring Pages include a Mirabel Coloring Page, a Madrigal Family Coloring Page, a Mirabel, Luisa, and Isabel coloring page, and an Antonio Coloring Page!

These are great to entertain little ones and for family road trips! Also use these Encanto movie quotes to match up with your Encanto activity sheets. We cannot stop singing to the soundtrack in our house!

This Encanto parents guide will breakdown the movie for you, because some topics can be a little mature for little ones. 

Encanto Coloring Sheets Madrigal Sisters

Disney Encanto Madrigal Family Coloring Page

Mirabel Encanto Coloring Page

Disney Encanto Antonio Coloring Page


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Free Printable Disney Encanto Coloring Sheets

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