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Free Printable LIGHTYEAR Coloring Pages

Pixar’s LIGHTYEAR is coming to Disney+ on August 3, 2022! To get your kids ready to watch Buzz Lightyear like you’ve never seen him before, download these free printable Lightyear coloring pages including Lightyear characters like Buzz, Sox the Cat, Darby, Mo, Izzy, and Zurg. Sox may be the breakout star of Lightyear

Buzz in Lightyear

Free Printable Lightyear Coloring Sheets

Click on each picture below to go to a free printable PDF file. These free Lightyear Coloring Pages include a Buzz and Sox Coloring Page, a Darby, Mo, and Izzy Coloring Page, a Zurg Coloring Page, and a Buzz Color by Number Coloring Sheet. As a bonus, you’ll even get a couple Lightyear Activity Sheets with a maze and a build your own spaceship page.

For more Disney Coloring Sheets, here are free printable Encanto Coloring Pages and Turning Red Coloring Pages.

Buzz and Sox Lightyear Coloring Page

Izzy, Mo, and Darby Coloring Page Lightyear

Zurg Coloring Page Lightyear Movie

Buzz Lightyear Color By Numbers Page

Lightyear Movie Activity Sheets

Make your own Buzz Lightyear spaceship or help Buzz find his way through the maze to find his spaceship with these free Lightyear Movie Activity Sheets. To infinity and beyond! Also, check out these Moana coloring sheets for some more fun!

Lightyear also has some emotional movie quotes from Buzz Lightyear. Lightyear Spaceship Cut Out Activity Sheet

Lightyear Movie Maze ACtivity Sheet

Pixar Lightyear coloring pages