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Free Letters to Santa Printable For Kids

You’re never too old to write a letter to Santa Claus. These free Letters to Santa printables are easy to use and add a special holiday touch to those letters to the North Pole. 

Printable Templates to Write Letters to Santa for All Ages

It’s almost December 1st when people quickly turn jolly! It’s also a reminder that Christmas is almost here. Although you may have an elf on the shelf to remind you every day.

If you want to add a little Christmas cheer, then these free festive Letters to Santa Printable Templates will help you as your kids write to Santa. There are a few different designs to choose from for kids of all ages. Just print and start your letters! Santa will be here in no time. 

Just click on the pictures below to print. 

Letter To Santa Printable for Younger Kids

This free Santa letter printable is for younger kids who may not want to write a long letter to Santa Claus. It’s short, sweet, and to the point. 

Letter to Santa Template

Letter to Santa Printables for Older Kids

These Santa Letter templates are great for older kids or older kids at heart who want a blank space to write what’s in their hearts. Or maybe they have a long list or a story to share with Santa.

You can also leave them with your Elf on the Shelf welcome letters.

Letter to Santa From Child Template


Santa Letter Template

Merry Christmas!

For more holiday ideas here are some Christmas memes to share with friends or funny snow memes when the weather gets blustery.