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The Funniest December Memes

For those of you who wait for December 1st to turn into holly jolly Christmas elves, I salute you for your patience. But also, it’s December and Christmas is here! These December memes will put in that holiday spirit! Because once the clock strikes December, it’s Christmas music 24/7.

The Best December Memes

Happy November 30th! Tomorrow is December 1st and that can only mean one thing…CHRISTMAS! Right? Even the HOA says my Christmas lights can go up now, so it must be true. Here are some of the best November 30 to December 1st memes to make you laugh!

December 1st Memes

Credit: @friend_of_bae

November 30th to December 1st Meme

Me on November 30th versus me on December 1st Memes always crack me up! They’re all so true. 

November 30th to December 1st

December Christmas Meme

Credit: @TheMemeMare

November 30 December 1st Meme

Credit: bookhoarding

November 30 vs December 1st Mean Girl Meme

Hahahahaha! Disney+ released this one for the Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special.

Drax on December 1st

Me on November 30th vs December 1st Meme


The Santa Clause December Meme

When December 1st Finally Hits

It’s December 1st finally rolls around!

December 1st Meme

December 1st Christmas Is Here Meme

November 30th to December 1st

When You Can’t Believe It’s December

December snuck up on us.

Best December Meme

December is the MVP

When December is the Friday month of the year. 

December Memes

Happy December, y’all! 

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