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Is Stranger Things 4 Kid Friendly? Parents Guide

Wondering if Stranger Things 4 is ok for kids? Seasons 1-3 of Stranger Things are pretty evenly violent and scary and are rated TV-14. However, Stranger Things 4 is a whole different level and has a TV-MA rating. Well it was rated TV-MA and then recently changed to TV-14, however, it deserves that TV-MA rating. Stranger Things 4 is not for kids. Here’s what parents need to know in this Stranger Things 4 Parents Guide.

Is Stranger Things 4 Kid Friendly

Is Stranger Things 4 Kid Friendly? Parents Guide

Even the actors have said that Stranger Things 4 is horrifying and more adult. As Stranger Things seasons go on, language gets worse as the kids get older, but it’s really the violence parents need to worry about in season 4. Season 4 of Stranger Things tops them all.

With the show being true to the times, there’s a lot of smoking and a lack of parental supervision. So just proceed with caution if you’re going to let middle schoolers watch this.

Season 4 opens with the Hawkins gang split up. Eleven is living with Joyce, Will, and Jonathan in California, and Mike, Dustin, Lucas, and Steve are all still trying to cope with what happened in Season 3 in Starcourt Mall.  Hopper is thought to be dead, but he is imprisoned in Russia. There are plenty of subplots in this season as well as flashbacks. 

Stranger Things 4 Volume 2 continues the story of the gang fighting Vecna, also known as One. With each kill, Vecna gets stronger. They have to stop him before he gets his last kill which could end the world. However, they are still split up in different parts of the world and without all her strength and power, can Eleven help them before it’s too late? 

What is the Stranger Things 4 Age Rating? 

Stranger Things Season 4 is rated TV-14 for fear, language, disturbing images, gore, and smoking.

Why is Stranger Things Rated TV-14?

Stranger Things 4 is rated TV-14 for horror elements and language which means some content may not be suitable for kids under 17. Seasons 1-3 of Stranger Things were also rated TV-14, however Stranger Things 4 was rated TV-MA. 

So here’s a twist. Stranger Things 4 was rated TV-MA and then updated to TV-14. I’m unsure why the change back, because it totally deserves a TV-MA rating due to violence. Some other Netflix teen shows get a TV-MA rating for f-words like Outer Banks, and it’s way more tame.

Parents need to know that Stranger Things 4 is darker, scarier, and more mature than seasons 1-3.  

Stranger Things 4 TV-MA Rating

Language in Stranger Things 4

There is a lot of profanity in Stranger Things like sh*t, bullsh*t, a**, damn, bit*h, and taking the Lord’s name in vain like Jesus, Jesus Christ, and g-ddammit. Swearing is quite frequent. There was use of the f-word, but it’s not throughout the show or else they definitely would have had to keep the TV-MA rating. 

There is much of the same in Stranger Things 4 Volume 2, a lot of uses of sh*t, a**hole, and words of Deity.

Violence in Stranger Things 4

One of the reasons I like Stranger Things as an adult is because I can take some creepy, but I don’t like gory. Welp, Stranger Things 4 got bloody, gory, and all out crazy. Children are murdered and shown dead with blood all over them. Not only children are murdered but other characters are killed and tortured.

Bodies are seen floating, bones crack and eyes get sucked out. There are dead corpses with insects and blood coming out of their faces. 

Characters are shown having nightmares but can be killed in their dreams. In their nightmares, characters turn into monsters.

There are lots of jump scares, scary creatures, people getting attacked, etc.

Mature Content in Stranger Things 

There is kissing, sexual references, and talking about sex in Stranger Things Season 4. There is talk about boobies and liking boobies and a flashback scene of characters making out. A male character has his shirt off in some scenes.

In Volume 2, you get a brief glimpse of a woman in her underwear while changing (non-sexual). There is also a quick scene of two characters kissing and starting to make out.

There is also drug and alcohol use. They talk about liking to smoke smelly plants together as well as shots of a room full of marijuana smoke. Some characters are high all the time. 

Not only is there a lot of violence, but there are also themes of revenge, dark memories, and psychological horror. However, there are themes of courage, bravery, family, and friendship. 

Is Stranger Things 4 Too Scary for Kids?

This is not the Stranger Things you knew. Stranger Things 4 is not kid friendly and is intensely scary which could cause some serious nightmares. Unless your kid really loves horror film (which they might). Stranger Things 4 is more terrifying, thrilling, and horrifying than any other Stranger Things season according to critics. The trailers definitely give off that vibe. If you thought Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness was too much, then this is way worse. 

Stranger Things 4 Parents Guide

Is Stranger Things Appropriate for Kids Under 14?

Stranger Things Season 3 was rated TV-14, and I would mostly agree with that, and that had some scary scenes and monsters.  I understand why kids and teens would be fans of Stranger Things, especially if they’ve been following the gang from the beginning. 

However, Stranger Things 4 is a whole different level. Can teens handle Stranger Things 4? Sure. Maybe. It’s scary, but it’s funny, too. That’s one of the appeals of the biggest appeals of Stranger Things is making their characters relatable and well-liked. While it’s weird to have the usual gang separated with different storylines and locations, they still retain their charm.

However, Stranger Things 4 is more horror based than any other season, make no mistake. It’s gory and gross. 

If younger children have enjoyed the series so far (I have one in my own house who is a big fan), I would caution parents to watch with them or preferably screen it before hand to see if they can handle some of the darker elements and scenes. Losses of favorite characters may be hard emotionally for some. 

Buckle up for Stranger Things 4, because it’s a wild and scary ride!

Stranger Things 4 scary for kids



Stranger Things 4 Parent Review


Saturday 11th of March 2023

It is definitely very violent and disturbing but there is some language but there isn't a horrible amount of it. I'd say its OK except for when Vecna shows up.

I love stranger things

Thursday 3rd of November 2022

My kid watches stranger things with me and he is 10 should I stop?


Thursday 3rd of November 2022

I think that's your decision.


Friday 30th of September 2022

I think it is a bit mature, but overall a good show, kids above 13 will enjoy


Monday 4th of July 2022

I am not especially protective as a parent but ST-4 is pushing it for my 13 year old due to the violence. I think the review is about right. I will be watching it with him and fast-forwarding the more graphic elements. I would not bother except we are fans and have been waiting so long for this season. This series is a dramatic jump up in how explicit the injuries are.


Friday 10th of June 2022

im 11 years old and im watching stranger things 4 its not scary at all


Friday 1st of July 2022

@Ethan, WHOA I NEEEEED THAT cuz im super sensitive when in comes to vilence i wached uncharted and even that is sort of bad


Monday 20th of June 2022

I am 11 and I use this app it’s called VidAngel it skips scenes with gore violence and a bunch more filters you can turn on like profanity, I think kids would be fine to watch this if they have an app to filter stuff even some kids can watch it without it which surprises me. But I definitely recommend using VidAngel so far it has skipped all the bad scenes


Monday 20th of June 2022



Sunday 19th of June 2022

@Ariana, but it is a little inappropriate but not the horrer part


Sunday 19th of June 2022

@Ariana, yea I’m 10 and I love it sooo idk maybe it’s just me but I can handle it But some kids get scared more then me