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Funny 2023 Cyber Monday Memes To Avoid Crowds

Cyber Monday is more my speed than Black Friday. Shopping from the comfort of my own couch sounds like bliss. These funny Cyber Monday memes are for people who don’t like people and shopping amongst crowds. 

The Best Cyber Monday Memes for 2023

Hey, you don’t like crowds? Same. You don’t like to fight people in line? Same. Then these Cyber Monday memes are for you! However, if you do like a combo, then these Black Friday memes may give you a laugh.

Black Friday Vs. Cyber Monday

I’m just saying, Cyber Monday provides a good argument.

Cyber Monday shopping from home meme

A Case of the Mondays

If you have to do Monday, may it be a Cyber Monday.

Cyber Monday Meme

Treat Yo Self Monday

On second though, let’s turn this Cyber Monday into treat yoself Monday!

Cyber Monday Treat YoSelf Memes

All the Emails

But seriously, how do they find me? I don’t remember subscribing to that.

Funny Cyber Monday Meme

Black Friday might be getting a little jealous. But, hey Cyber Monday usually offers free shipping, so there’s that. 

2022 Cyber Monday Meme

Amazon’s Number One Customer

When the Amazon packages start rolling in…and the mailman is my guy.

Funny Cyber Monday Meme

The Best Way to Save Money on Cyber Monday

I guess you can save money by not shopping on Cyber Monday. But really what’s the fun it that?

Cyber Monday Meme 2022

Or do I save $3??

cyber monday meme funny

Well Played Marvel

Gotta give Marvel credit for this funny and very true Cyber Monday meme.

Funny Marvel Cyber Monday Meme

Happy Online Shopping!

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