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Free Printable Thanksgiving Bingo Cards for Gatherings

My family loves to play games, especially at holidays. This fun printable Thanksgiving Bingo game is great to entertain the kids during gatherings with friends and family. It doesn’t only have to be used at Thanksgiving as there are some fall pictures, too. 

Free Thanksgiving Bingo Printable Cards 2023

Love Bingo? Well you can play this cute printable Thanksgiving Bingo game as you wait for Thanksgiving dinner to be cooked or while adults watch football.

Pick your prizes and play for money, snacks, or an extra dinner roll. Just grab whatever you want as markers. Sometimes we use pennies or coins and sometimes we use fruit loops or cheerios to mark our squares.

How to Play Thanksgiving Bingo

There are two ways to play. You can cut out the calling cards, have a caller, and then have people mark their Thanksgiving Bingo boards.

Another way you can play is by having guests look around the table and house and try to spot the objects. Either way works!

There’s a mixture of some fall items and animals as well as Thanksgiving foods so you can use them more than one day. 

Click on each Thanksgiving Bingo picture below for a pdf and then print them off! There are 5 different Bingo Boards plus calling cards.

Thanksgiving Bingo Printable Card 1Thanksgiving Bingo Printable Card

Thanksgiving Bingo Printable Card 3
Thanksgiving Bingo Printable Card 4Thanksgiving Bingo Printable Card 5
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