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The Best 2024 New Year Memes

It’s 2024! What better way to start the year than with memes talking about New Year Resolutions? Or better yet, maybe this year we skip the resolutions and just go straight to laughing at all the funny 2024 Happy New Year memes on the internet! 

The Best 2024 Memes for the New Year

If you’re looking for memes to celebrate the New Year to make you laugh and ring in 2023, here you go!

These New Years Eve memes are perfect for those staying in or those who want to party and these New Year Year Resolution memes will help you reset for 2024. 

New Year Resolution Memes

I mean it’s always great to start the new year off right. 

New Year Resolution Memes

Remember 2020? That was horrible. 

2021 New Year Meme

Credit: Reddit

Maybe they were looking for Christmas memes instead. 

Steve Harvey New Year Meme

What? It could happen.

Wily Wonka New Year New You Meme

I will find you.

Taken New Years Eve Meme

It happens every year.

Funny New Years Eve Meme

Just like “fetch,” amirite?

Mean Girls New Years Meme

Is it a New Year without a Harry Styles Meme?


Harry Styles New Year Meme

Happy New Year you will have.

Yoda New Year meme

Oh Grumpy Cat, I miss you.

Grumpy Cat New Year Meme

Buzz always has a positive outlook.

Happy New Year Toy Story Meme


New Year Gym Meme 2022

Well they’re not wrong. 

We’re thinking positive for 2024!

Happy New Year Memes 2024

Happy New Year in 2024! Have a fantastic year!

New Year Meme 2024


If you want to prepare for New Year’s Eve, here are some Marvel New Years Eve countdown memes and Marvel countdowns to the new year where you have Tony Stark wish you a Happy New Year just as the clock strikes midnight. Or you can just pretend and do it all again tonight.

Here’s to 2024!

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