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The Best Emily in Paris Quotes from Season 3

Emily in Paris Season 3 is here! If you’re a binger, then you’re probably finished. I loved the fashion, hated the ending. Anyhoo, these funny Emily in Paris Season 3 quotes from Emily, Mindy, Alfie, Sylvie, and more will hopefully make me forget it.

The Best Emily in Paris Quotes Season 3

Emily and friends are back and of course there’s plenty of drama, love, and fashion. It’s never a dull moment in Paris. 

Enjoy some of the best quotes from Season 3 of Emily in Paris. If you need a recap, here are the best quotes from Emily in Paris Season 1 and Season 2

Emily in Paris Season 3 Quotes

I’ve been disappointing my parents for decades. You get used to it. -Mindy

OMG, hormone tsunami. -Madeline quotes Emily in Paris 

They’re just bangs. Sometimes people cut bangs when everything’s fine. -Emily

Anything’s a sex app if you want it bad enough.

You’re making me dizzy and I have the champagne spins.

Were you just trying to have it all? That is so American. -Sylvie

Not choosing is still a choice. -Alfie

I put myself out there and you left me hanging. -Alfie quotes Emily in Paris

Best Emily in Paris Quotes Season 3

I didn’t realize what I had until I lost it. -Emily

That Shih Tzu has bangs like you. Are those trauma bangs, too? -Mindy

I can’t do my zoom in here. It’s like working in a hot pocket. -Madeline

It’s funny how you become the things you hate. -Madeline

That’s the thing about your generation Emily. Not a shred of mystery. The whole world knows where you are all the time. -Sylvie

I’ll see you on Monday. Don’t be early. -Sylvie

Fashion is a dirty business. -Luc

Just because I was raised rich doesn’t mean I don’t love a free sample. -Mindy

Are we really here to just love one person? -Sofia

Luxury is a necessity that begins when necessity ends. -Antoine 

Did you notice how discreet I was? -Luc

Mindy Quotes Emily in Paris

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