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The Best Emily in Paris Quotes Season 2

Season 2 of the hit Netflix show Emily in Paris is now streaming! We get some more of Emily’s shenanigans, and this season includes a new man. Here are the best Emily in Paris quotes from Season 2 from Emily, Alfie, Gabriel, Julien, Mindy, Sylvie, and more.

Emily in Paris Quotes Season 2

The Best Emily in Paris Quotes Season 2

In Season 2 of Emily in Paris, Emily is getting a little more used to Paris life. After she slept with Gabriel, there were consequences. However, Emily may have found herself a new man with less drama. And of course, Mindy is good for some laughs. 

Did I miss any of your favorite Season 2 Emily in Paris quotes? Drop them in the comments below and enjoy these Season 1 quotes.

Oh Emily, you’re getting more French by the day. -Sylvie

How do I get my bag? It’s really huge and tacky, and has a big face on it. -Emily

It’s illegal to work on weekend in France. -Julien

Emily you go to St. Tropez to party, not to work. It’s like going to Ibiza to do your taxes. -Luc

The gay spray of St. Tropez

Toodles, poodles. -Mindy

Well in America, we wear wedding rings. -Emily

Best Emily in Paris Quotes Emily

I don’t want to be Mickey Mouse and have my face all over everything. -Pierre

I think most girls would forgive you, but a French girl, nuh uh. -Mindy

What would you suggest I do? -Emily
Learn French for starters. -Sylvie

Don’t you know what happened to Jean Valjean when he stole the baguette? -Emily

It’s not easy to speak our feelings, but it’s easier to write them on paper and be understood. -Luc

Unlike magic leek soup, there’s no quick fix for betraying a friend. -Sylvie

You look like you just lost a follower. -Mindy

Paris is built on a fantasy and I just happen to be able to see right through it. -Alfie

Alfie Quotes Emily in Paris

London doesn’t pretend to be something it’s not. -Alfie

Emily, you’ve got the rest of your life to be as dull as you wish, but while you’re here, fall in love, make mistakes, leave a disastrous trip in your wake. -Sylvie

I’m not going to fall in love with you when we have an expiration date. -Emily

That dirt bag is my husband. -Sylvie

What? Everybody’s looking for a French daddy. -Julien

My son will be having me. -Sylvie

You are not making a major life decision based on a manipulative pinky swear. -Mindy

This isn’t just a fun year abroad anymore, this is your life. -Mindy