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Jolly Christmas Activities for Teens and Tweens

It’s Winter Break or the weekends in December and your teens proclaim they’re bored or have nothing to do. If you’re looking for some holiday fun here’s a list of Christmas activities for teens and high schoolers! There are so many great resources to get older students and teens to have some fun in the classroom and out.

Fun Christmas Activities for Teens and High Schoolers

Sometimes we get wrapped up in making Christmas fun and special for kids (hey there, Elf on the Shelf), we forget about the teens. You can even get social media involved if they really can’t tear themselves away from their phones. There are different ways to start new holiday traditions!

1. Christmas Movie Marathon

In class or out, a good Christmas movie can get you in the mood for the holidays. While some are generally kid and teen friendly like Elf, some are a little edgier like Christmas Vacation and A Christmas Story. Or a great holiday series that my teens love is Dash and Lily.

You can also check out all the holiday movies on Disney+.

Elf Parents Guide

2. Christmas Sock Exchange 

Apparently socks with Crocs and Birkenstocks are acceptable again. Have a Christmas sock exchange and make it budget-friendly! They choose the theme!

Christmas Sock Exchange for Teens

3. Christmas Wrapping Party

Everyone has gifts they need to wrap. Some people love it and others hate it. Get your friends together and see who has the most creative way of wrapping or just get ‘er done while you laugh with pals!

Christmas Wrapping Activity for Teens

4. Christmas Game Night

Play Party Plan is such a great resource for fun games no matter the season! These 25 Christmas games can work for a party outside of school or for high school students, too. 

5. Make Christmas Cards

Adults do it, why can’t teens? Take funny Christmas card photos and then print them off  and hand deliver to friends! It can be a picture of you, of your group of friends to give as gifts, or you and your pet. 

Or you could steal some of these crazy ideas.

Teen Christmas Cards

6. Make Fancy Mocktail Christmas Drinks

Who doesn’t love a good mocktail? Dress up and make fancy holiday non-alcoholic drinks. Try these fancy mocktail drinks for teens or if they’re Marvel fans and want something more casual, try this Spider-Man frozen drink.

Spider-Man frozen drink recipe

7. Bake Christmas Cookies

A classic Christmas activity and it still doesn’t get old. Bake Christmas cookies and either eat them while you watch a movie or bring them to people you think could use some extra cheer! My favorite Christmas cookie recipe is still Magic Cookie Bars

You can also have a cookie exchange where you bring your favorite Christmas cookies and exchange them with your friends so you all go home with an assortment of everyone’s favorites.

Hello Dolly Cookie Bars

I also love these copycat Peppermint Bark Crumbl Cookies.

Copycat Crumbl Peppermint Bark Cookie Recipe

8. Make a DIY Advent Calendar

This adorable DIY Advent calendar from Play Party Plan works for any time of the year. You can countdown to how many days of school are left before winter break, countdown to Christmas, or countdown to the New Year. They make great gifts, too, if you want to personalize what’s inside. 

9. Make TikToks to Classic Christmas Songs

Find an underplayed Christmas song and make up a new TikTok dance or a new trend.  Or I guess you could choose “All I Want For Christmas is You.”

10. Recreate Santa Photos

Find your favorite Santa Claus photo when you were a kid and recreate old poses to give to your parents. You can usually find Santa at the mall, at a community event, churches, or even someone’s house. 

11. Laugh at Memes

There are so many funny memes out there. Do a search for your favorites or make some to share with friends.

These funny Christmas memes, Elf on the Shelf memes, New Year memes, Snow memes, and Grinch memes are a great place to start!

hilarious snow memes

Have fun getting into the holiday spirit and involving your teens!