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Is Dash and Lily Kid Friendly on Netflix? Parents Guide

Wondering if Dash & Lily on Netflix is ok for kids? Based on the YA book, Dash & Lily’s Book of Dares, many tweens and teens will want to add this to their binge list. And I don’t blame them. But is Dash & Lily kid friendly? Rated TV-PG for language and alcohol use, there are some risqué things to watch for. Here’s what parents need to know in this Dash & Lily Parents Guide.

Is Dash and Lily kid friendly on Netflix?

Is Dash & Lily Kid Friendly?

Dash & Lily stars Austin Abrams and Midori Francis as two teenagers living in New York City who embark on a whirlwind holiday romance as they write to each other in a notebook they pass back and forth at locations across the city. Will things change if they ever meet in person? 

This quirky YA rom-com is witty and full of funny quotes. Mostly safe for teens, there are some subjects that will be too mature  for tweens. Why is it whenever I watch a show or movie about teens living in NYC, they always seem to have few parental rules? The premise is sweet and Dash & Lily welcomes producer Nick Jonas to the team which ensures a JoBros cameo. 

Here’s what parents need to know. 


There is some language including 6 uses of sh–, 6 uses of hell, 2 uses of a–, 1 a-hole, 1 damn, and crude words like dic-. Also they use phrases of deity like “oh my g-d” and “Jesus.”

Mature Content

The romance aspect is pretty tame, except for when Lily catches her brother in bed with his boyfriend a couple of times. They are shown shirtless in bed, but no nudity. He and Lily talk about deleting Grindr.

The first episode has a character find a book called “The Joy of Gay Sex” and you see a brief scan of book covers in that section. Another episode involves going clubbing with drag queens.

There is also a lot of underage drinking. These kids are supposed to be 17, and a lot of them are wealthy and have parties with alcohol and no parents. Other characters hang out in a bar and drink. 

Another scene involves two characters in bed, but they are clothed and talk about the word bedding and whether it is sexy or not.

Mature topics like divorce, breakups, job loss, bullying, and family drama are discussed. 

Dash and Lily Parents Guide

Is Dash and Lily Appropriate for Kids Under 13?

Some of the scenes in Dash & Lily are a little incredulous, but as a teenager I remember watching shows that made me believe love was out there for everyone. This is one of those shows. Some things are totally inappropriate and unnecessary for this crowd (like when do bar owners let minors just chill and drink there?).

But there’s also many topics worth discussing with your kids. Overall, I’d recommend Dash & Lily for kids 13 and up and if you’re uncomfortable with some of the topics, even older. If you need something for a younger demographic, stick to Julie and the Phantoms or The Baby-Sitter’s Club

This is a very smart series, and frankly, an enjoyable binge-watch, even for adults. There are a lot of pop culture nuggets to pick up on. 

Dash and Lily Parent Movie Review

Dash & Lily is for the people who love Christmas and even the ones who hate it. For the weirdos. For the quirky kids. For the bookworms. For the ones who are maybe giving up hope. 

The story is believable, even when it becomes unbelievable, and makes me remember all those times I stepped out of my comfort zone to take on a dare. Dash & Lily is a sweet story making you wish you could go back and be brave enough to pick up a red notebook or rock a light-up Christmas tree dress.

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Thursday 12th of November 2020

This show is inappropriate for young kids! It should not be rated PG.


Sunday 15th of November 2020

I agree totally. Age 6 Rating is absurd coz the straight relationship is very modest whereas the gay one is a bit over the top with the guys always being caught in bed and walking around with blankets as if they permanently live in the bedroom. I think this discredits the charachters too coz makes them one dimensional as if being gay is the only thing worth saying about them. All that said being a book and arts lover I really loved Dash & Lilly storyline.