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Is The Baby-Sitters Club Kid Friendly on Netflix? | Parents Guide

The Baby-Sitters Club on Netflix has accomplished what I was beginning to think was impossible – an age-appropriate, entertaining, modernized yet respectful-to-the-originals adaptation of my beloved books by Ann M. Martin. Bravo, truly. Is The Babysitters-Club kid friendly? YES! Children of all ages, from elementary-school aged to teens will enjoy this 10-episode rated TV-G series on Netflix. Although The Baby-Sitters Club is rated TV-G, it covers heavy topics and is not full of fluff.

Baby-Sitter Club Parents Guide on Netflix

Is The Baby-Sitters Club Kid Friendly?

The  basic premise behind the TV series follows the same story as the books – a group of friends in Middle School in Stoneybrook, Connecticut start The Baby-Sitters Club, a business to help those in need of babysitting services. The books by Ann M. Martin came out in 1986, when I was a pre-teen. And when I read them then, it wasn’t fluff I was after. It was the strong female roles that kept me coming back.

And this is the spirit that The Baby-Sitters Club on Netflix embodies. My 5 girls and I (ages 15 to 7) sat down together to watch and had meaningful conversations after the episodes. Here’s what parents need to know in this Baby-Sitters Club Parents Guide. I’d recommend The Baby-Sitters Club for kids ages 8 and up, but be mindful of some of the content discussed in the mature content section.

ETA: I do think The Baby-Sitters Club should be rated TV-PG.


Language is very tame in The Baby-Sitters Club but there are words like stupid, idiot, and oh my g-d. 

Mature Content

Like I said, this isn’t all babysitting and boys. But there are some quick kisses. The Baby-Sitters Club also addresses issues like diabetes, transgenderism, divorce, remarriage, illness in the family, menstruation, self-confidence, bullies, and more. However, they do it an age-appropriate way. Also, a character mentions a drawing class with nude models. 

Baby-Sitters Club Poster Netflix

The Baby-Sitters Club is Perfect For Families

So yes, we’re getting a solid middle-class community in this series which doesn’t necessarily show the struggles of every type of family. However, what I mean by age-appropriate is content that teaches kids lessons without watering it down or “Disney-fying” it, but also without exposing them to topics in a damaging way. 

Finally, The Baby-Sitters Club, a show that uses actors that are in the correct age range. And these girls nail it. Every single one of them. They handle resolution in a mature but middle-school manner. Some problems to adults may seem trivial, but to girls these ages, they’re a big deal. However, they can resolve conflict by having conversations in person, not over text.

The show is modernized, but in the best way without characters on their phones 24/7, making up TikTok dances, or saying all kinds of 4-letter words. They get some Instagram nods while also being kids. Tweens and teens like that do exist!

Is The Baby-Sitters Club kid friendly on Netflix?

The Babysitters-Club includes:

Kristy Thomas (Sophie Grace), the president and founder of the BSC is strong, assertive, and vulnerable. Her best friend, Mary Anne Spier (Malia Baker), is an introvert, but finding her way, especially learning how to talk to her overprotective dad. The cool and artsy, Claudia Kishi (Momona Tamada) is always friendly, but not afraid to tell it like it is. And please can someone tell me where she buys her clothes. She brings in Stacey McGill (Shay Rudolph), the sophisticated new girl from New York with a secret. In later episodes they are joined by another new girl, Dawn Schafer (Xochitl Gomez), a social activist from California whose mom is also a single parent. 

This diverse cast play girls from different backgrounds with different problems but through it all are kind, intelligent, strong-willed, make mistakes, help people, forgive each other, and are solid friendship goals. The Baby-Sitters Club is about as close to perfect as I could ask for in a TV series for my family. I can’t wait to watch these girls grow up and get more Baby-Sitters Club stories.

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Steven Cruz

Monday 25th of January 2021

Im sorry but how is transgenderism age appropriate for an 8 year old unless you are grooming and brainwashing 8 year old kids


Tuesday 26th of January 2021

Because I don't feel like it was brainwashing anyone. The episode was not implying that all kids are transgender nor did it even say the word transgender as far as I remember. It was the response of let's treat everyone with respect, even children. And if that isn't for you or your family, then don't watch it. The information is there, and you can choose what you want your children to watch.

Is Julie and the Phantoms Kid Friendly? | Parents Guide - Lola Lambchops

Friday 11th of September 2020

[…] Kudos for the LBGTQ representation in an age-appropriate manner. Two male characters begin to develop a relationship and flirt with each other. There is no kissing or sexual activity. Just an FYI, since some parents did not appreciate my Baby-Sitters Club review. […]

Miguel W.

Wednesday 8th of July 2020

I understand the desire for every social media voice to appear as woke as possible but this is rediculous. This show is NOT appropriate for children. I canceled Netflix (never thought I'd see the day) after watching this episode with my child. Seriously a child trans kid who is obviously on hormone therapy? That's child abuse. If you have to explain sexuality and gender rolls to a child then it's not apprporiate. Somehow, I think that was the whole point of the show.


Wednesday 15th of July 2020

I'm very centrist on these issues but came here to say that for a start, pre-pubescent children do not have or get hormone therapy. That kicks in at 10+. Before adolescence hits, a child can appear to be either gender without any hormones involved, so there's no bodily harm being done to a six year old that wants to appear as a girl whilst being born into a boy's body. Please educate yourself before commenting. And in any case, what's the big issue of this being on tv when your child might come across this at school any day now? Fine if you want to control your own child's life in a restrictive way, but it's very narrow-minded to think that your children are not going to encounter LGBQT kids or adults at any point in their childhood. And if they do? I hope you can explain them to that this isn't a 'lifestyle' choice in any way - it's how God made them and they will always be loved no matter what they look like to the outside world.


Wednesday 8th of July 2020

I'm not sure who you're trying to say is being "woke." If you don't agree with something or don't want your children to watch it, then that's your prerogative. Don't have them watch it. That's the purpose of these reviews. If the parent disagrees then don't have your kids watch it. However, in my personal parent opinion, I thought the storyline was very well done and did not see it as an agenda. They did not mention hormone therapy that I recall, and you inferred that, well that's what you got from it, and I think missed the point of the storyline. And even if they were on hormone therapy, it's not child abuse. I used to be a Child Protective Services worker on the Sex Abuse Task Force, so I've seen real abuse. That's not it. I hope when my own children see someone who is being bullied for being transgender, then they will have enough courage to stand up for them like Mary Anne did.


Monday 6th of July 2020

I absolutely loved this review. I adored the books as a child so even though I'm not the targeted audience I just had to watch. A lot of my friends have asked me if its appropriate for their child and as someone who doesn't have children, I'm always worried about that question because I don't know what parents are comfortable with. I have linked this review on my Facebook page for my parent friends to read as I think you explain it perfectly and will help many parents to decide if their little one is ready for it or not !


Monday 6th of July 2020

Thank you, I appreciate that! Right, just because I think or you think something is or isn't appropriate for kids doesn't mean other parents agree. They have to decide. Thanks for sharing!


Sunday 5th of July 2020

This show is not even close to “kid friendly” unless your considering middle school age “kids”. The agenda to normalize transgender children is wholly healthy and dangerous. Adults are free to choose to live in a way they feel they identify with, but very single medical professional knows children of the ages represented in this show have month way of making those decisions autonomously. It’s anti-science to suggest otherwise not to mention the morality of it. Bad review here by the author of this post. I appreciate the effort to equip parents with these reviews but I won’t be trusting this site for any other reviews after this one.


Friday 17th of July 2020

I agree - the first few episodes seemed harmless but then the witchcraft & LGBTQA stuff entered & I became disappointed. I should’ve known, Netflix has been pushing demonic agendas for a while now...


Sunday 5th of July 2020

I am considering middle-school-age kids and those considered tweens. In my opinion, I think it's a very age appropriate show, and that's why it's my opinion. You don't have to agree. The purpose of the review is to give a general overview to parents, and they can judge for themselves whether it's appropriate for their children or not. The topic of transgenderism was mentioned in my review, and then it's up to the parents to prescreen the content to judge for themelves. Also, it's not the purpose of this site to argue the morality of transgender children. And in my opinion, that wasn't the purpose of this episode of the BSC. What they were saying is that this child deserves respect and dignity, which I 100% agree with. I do think Netflix mis-rated the show with a G-rating, however with other content that is marketed to tweens, this is most definitely mild.