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Feisty Enola Holmes Quotes

Listen, Enola Holmes is a mood. I love her spunk, and the movie was a lot of fun! Here are my favorite quotes from Enola Holmes from favorite characters like Enola, Eudoria, Tewksbury and Edith! 

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The Best Enola Holmes Quotes

Enola Holmes has an all-star cast with Millie Bobby Brown, Henry Cavill, Helena Bonham Carter, Sam Claflin, and Louis Partridge. As Enola searches for her missing mother, she has to beat her brothers in the mystery, but is distracted a tad by Lord Tewksbury. Who can blame her?

Enola has some great feminist quotes as does Eudoria. But Edith perhaps the best one. Did I miss any of your favorite quotes from Enola Holmes on Netflix? Drop them in the comments below and check out my Enola Holmes Parents Guide.

  • There are two paths you can take Enola, yours, or the path others choose for you. -Eudoria
  • A wild and dangerous woman brought up a wild child. -Mycroft
  • Hips are simply a function of legs, aren’t they? What need of they of amplification? -Enola
  • My name is Enola, which backwards spells alone. To be a Holmes you must find your own path. My brothers have, my mother has, and I must, too. But I now see that being alone doesn’t mean I have to be lonely. Mother never wanted that. She wanted me to find my freedom, my future, my purpose. I am a Detective. I am a Decipherer. And I am a finder of lost souls. My life is my own, and our future is up to us. -Enola

Feminist Quotes from Enola Holmes

  • I don’t want a mystery, Sherlock. I want my mother back. -Enola
  • Mother believed privacy was the highest virtue. And the one most frequently violated. -Enola
  • Paint your own picture, Enola. Don’t be thrown off your own course by other people, especially men. -Eudoria
  • A corset: a symbol of oppression for those who are forced to wear it. -Enola
  • I’m not ready to die on a train. -Tewksbury
    I’m not ready to die at all. I wasn’t going to before I met you. -Enola

Tewksbury Quotes Enola Holmes

  • You have no interest in changing a world that suits you so well. -Edith
  • It’s always there. The truth. You just need to look for it. – Sherlock Holmes

Enola Holmes Quotes

  • You’re a man when I tell you you’re a man. -Enola
  • You have to make some noise if you want to be heard. -Eudoria

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