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What Inspired Tony Gilroy to Create ANDOR

Andor tells the story of Cassian Andor (Diego Luna), hero of Rogue One. Not only does Andor cover the 5 years before Rogue One, it also shows some of Cassian’s childhood. Tony Gilroy is the creator and showrunner of Andor, and he talks about why he decided to take on this project. 

Why Tony Gilroy created Andor

At the Andor Press Junket, Gilroy said we know where Luna’s character ends up in Rogue One and that he’s accomplished and complicated. He adds, “The idea that we can do a story that takes him literally from his childhood origins and walk him through a five-year history of an odyssey that takes him to that place, during a revolution, during a moment in history in a place where huge events are happening and real people are being crushed by it…the fact that we could follow somebody as an example of a revolution all the way through to the end, that was the walk-in for me.”

If you’ve seen the first 3 episodes of Andor, then you know it’s a set up for the future events of Rogue One. Tony said there are a lot of characters in Andor, but they all intersect around the Cassian Andor story. “It’s a potent moment in history. And a lot of people are facing a lot of really difficult times and difficult decisions along the way. And that’s what the show is about, the opportunity to do that on a large scale, on a big canvas, that’s why I’m here.”

Diego Luna said that Rogue One is about an event, and it’s hard to get to know some of the characters. Andor gives the audience time to know Cassian and other characters more. 

Luna said, “For me, it’s quite relevant today to tell the story of what needs to happen for a revolution to emerge, to exist, to come to life, you know? What gives meaning in the life of someone to be willing to sacrifice everything for a cause? What needs to happen? That journey matters to me.”

Gilroy also said that this show is possible thanks to Star Wars fans. He recognizes the dedicated Star Wars community that shows up and gave them the money and the momentum and the ability to make a show that is this big. Gilroy recognizes the importance of the audience. “That audience is our primary concern, and we want to bring something to them that is a completely different lane than what they’ve had before, but we’re doing it in a completely uncynical fashion.”

As a Star Wars fan, I thank them, because I’m loving Andor so far! The story is the heart of the show. And the Andor quotes are pretty cool, too. 

Andor is now streaming on Disney+.