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Dahmer Parents Guide – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story

Wondering if Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story is ok for kids and teens? This dark series from Ryan Murphy tries to take a more victim-centric approach to Dahmer’s story, but it still feel exploitive. Here’s what parents need to know in this Parents Guide to Dahmer- Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story.

Monster The Jeffrey Dahmer Story Parents Guide

Dahmer -Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story Parents Guide and Age Rating

Across more than a decade convicted killer Jeffrey Dahmer murdered 17 teen boys and young men. How did he evade arrest for so long? Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story shifts the narrative to the victims instead of glorifying Dahmer himself and his perverse actions. It also addresses some of the cracks in the system and how society let a monster run free for so long. 

Dahmer: Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story Age Rating

Why is Dahmer rated TV-MA? Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story is rated TV-MA for nudity, gore, violence, language, smoking and substances which means some content is not suitable for kids under 17 years old. Dahmer is intended for mature audiences only. 


There is a lot of profanity in Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story including a**, sh*t, b*tch, damn, and f*ck. There are also slurs like fa**ot and words of Deity like g-ddamn.

Mature Content

Dahmer is seen trying to lure teenagers and kids. Many victims are shown in their underwear.

Dahmer lies on top of a body while naked. There is full frontal nudity in bathhouses. 

Graphic scenes show bodies being dismembered and murdered. Some people are shown attempting to commit suicide. 

Some scenes are heartbreaking to watch as Dahmer manipulates police and victims and bullies them, and recounts many of his murders. You can hear victims’ scream and the coldblooded ways Dahmer kills.

Dahmer uses drugs and alcohol to subdue some victims.

Is Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story Appropriate for Kids Under 17?

Between the violence, and dark and graphic content Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story is not appropriate for teens. This show is about a serial killer, and a lot of the content is emotional and disturbing.

There are racial and homophobic slurs and bias which may be triggering for some viewers. In fact, I doubt there isn’t something to trigger a viewer. There is an attempt to flip the narrative a bit and talk more about the victims and their stories. However, in the end, it’s still a story about a serial killer. 

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