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20 Best Quotes from Julie and the Phantoms

Have you seen Julie and the Phantoms on Netflix? It’s a great family friendly show with some funny and emotional lines! Here are the best quotes from Julie and the Phantoms from favorite characters like Reggie, Flynn, Alex, Luke, Julie, and more!

Best Quotes from Julie and the Phantoms

20 Best Julie and the Phantoms Quotes

What would you do if you found 3 ghosts in your garage? Julie joins a band with them! In this ridiculous and funny show, there’s a lot of feel-good moments! Here are some of my favorite Julie and the Phantoms quotes and check out my Julie and the Phantoms Parents Guide. I can’t decide whether Flynn or Reggie have the best quotes!

Could you just own your awesomeness for once? -Reggie

Here’s our demo. And a t-shirt. Size beautiful. -Reggie

About our music…it’s like an energy. It connects us with people. They can feel us when we play. I want that connection with everybody. -Luke

I can’t wait until we eat someplace where the condiments aren’t served out of the back of an Oldsmobile. -Alex

Chill man, Street Dogs haven’t killed us yet. -Reggie

What is she handing out? -Flynn
Desperation. -Julie

Julie quotes from Julie and the Phantoms on Netflix

You know they’re going to get married and have a bunch of unholy babies. -Flynn

Now let’s go prove everybody wrong. -Flynn

Bro, a ghost hug isn’t the feel-good moment that you think it is. -Luke

I cried in a room for 25 years and I didn’t get a single hug from either of you. -Alex

She’s legit. I got ghost bumps. -Reggie

Julie and the Phantoms Quotes from Reggie

We’re the only family we’re ever gonna need. -Luke

Our instruments are attached to our souls. -Luke

I think moving on has to come from the inside. -Dad

Swing that wrecking ball of talent at your teacher’s head, and smash those stupid rules right outta their brains. -Luke

It’s a closed door, and you gotta bust it open. -Luke

Look who spent all her daddy’s money on costumes and Katy Perry’s choreographer. -Flynn

Oh, she said oh. That’s what you say when you get socks on your birthday, not when you’re invited to join the most epic band ever. -Luke

Woke. Yeah, that’s a cool word. What does it mean? -Reggie
No clue. -Alex

If I missed any of your favorites, drop them in the comments below.

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Wednesday 11th of October 2023

hes cute huh-alex i wish i could see you-alex julie and the fat ones really man-alex yeah man my handwriting sucks -luke also yes i still use my school email don't mind it and i watched this show when it first came out i just know found out about this app thingy lol


Monday 11th of September 2023

Fav songs-Flying solo Bright Perfect Harmony Edge of Great Unsaid Emily Fav characters-Julie Luke Alex Reggie Flynn I love the show, the characters, all of them are so funny and awesome but I'm sad and annoyed that they didn't add a season two!!!! I can't believe that they left it on a cliffhanger!!!!!! I'm also sooo ready for the second season!!!!!! Can't wait!


Monday 11th of September 2023

Nick? Still? You know they're gonna grow up and have a bunch of unholy babies-Flynn Nick's a sweetheart-Julie Yeah you'd actually have to talk to him to know that-Flynn And one of them has to be a demon to make a demon baby-Flynn Demon!-Flynn Both snicker There's that smile! Now let's go prove everybody wrong-Flynn


Sunday 5th of March 2023

"The key is avoiding those beautiful, brown, dead eyes." -Flynn

"Reggie, are you kissing that meatball sub?" -Luke

"It's what you do with the things you love!" -Reggie


Monday 4th of July 2022

What are you doing- Luke Im googling sunset SwErVe- julie SUNSET CURVE!!!- Luke Reggie Alex