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Make Your Own DIY Squid Game Costume

Squid Game on Netflix is one of the most popular shows ever on the streaming service, so Squid Game costumes are hot this Halloween. But you can make your own for around $20. Make this easy DIY Squid Game Costume as a couples costume, group costume, or solo and get everyone shaking in their sweatsuits.

Squid Game DIY Costume

DIY Squid Game Costume Materials

This DIY Squid Costume is super easy, because I didn’t have a lot of time. I chose the Squid Game worker costume, because they’re frightening, and relatively simple. 

Here’s what you need:

Red/Fuchsia Jacket and Pants or Jumpsuit

Black Gloves


Duck Tape

Black Pantyhouse

Black Shoes

How To Make a Squid Game Costume 

So the easy route is just buying a sweatsuit . I found this red jacket and pants at Walmart in the Men’s section for a little under $20. I already had black winter gloves (you can also find them at the Dollar Store or Walmart for $1). I borrowed my husband’s belt, put black pantyhose on my head, and then bought the thin craft Duck tape to make the symbol on my face.

DIY Squid Game Costume Halloween

For a group costume, you can all have different symbols. The circle is an average worker, the square are the ones in charge, and the triangle are the ones with guns. So if you want to be a triangle, you can purchase a toy gun, and use black Duck tape to add the straps.

Squid Game Quotes Netflix

Make a Squid Game Player Costume at Home

To make a player costume from Squid Game, you would just need a green sweatsuit, use white duck tape for the strips on the shoulders, and then get a white t-shirt and Duck Tape a number. Duck Tape is so useful when making quick and easy Halloween costumes!

If you want to get super crafty, you can try dying a jumpsuit. I made some mistakes and didn’t like it, so that’s why I went sweatsuit.

I bought $2 paint coveralls from Lowes and tried dying it, because it was synthetic fibers, it didn’t hold the dye as well. If you want to go this route, I would choose cotton coveralls and use red dye to hold as much of the color as possible. I used fuchsia dye, and it ended up light pink. 

So if you want a Yo Gabba Gabba costume…

Easy DIY Squid Game Costume

Have fun whichever costume you choose and Happy Halloween! Then check out these Squid Game quotes for your Instagram caption.

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