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Punny DIY Chili Pepper Costume

I’ve already mentioned my love of punny costumes. But this punny DIY Chili Pepper Costume really made everyone chuckle, especially the adults. Halloween is quickly coming and this Chili Pepper Costume is easy, funny, and school appropriate. It’ll be sure to induce some laughs and perhaps some groans, the best combination!

This post is sponsored by Laffy Taffy. All opinions about their delicious and funny candy are my own.

Punny DIY Chili Pepper Costume

DIY Chili Pepper Costume with Laffy Taffy

Why did the mama pepper put a jacket on her baby pepper? Because he was a little “chili.” Ba dum dum!

These are just some of the jokes you can find on Laffy Taffy candy. I have loved their DIY Costume series this year. They want families to make memories together by getting their craft on. It’s inexpensive, easy, and everyone in the class won’t have the same costume.

Here’s how you can make your own Chili or “Chilly” Pepper costume!

Chili Pepper Costume Materials

  • Large piece of cardboard or posterboard
  • Box Cutter Knife or Scissors
  • red spray paint
  • green craft paint
  • small paint brush
  • tape
  • green winter hat
  • red gloves (optional)

How to Make Your DIY Chili Pepper Costume

We always have a ton of boxes in our house. Yes, we may have a slight Amazon problem. So we drew a chili pepper outline on the cardboard and then cut it out with a box cutter knife. If you use poster board, then scissors will work. 

Don’t forget to add the leafy part at the stem.

How to Make a Chili Pepper Costume

In Laffy Taffy’s video, they used felt to cover their chili pepper. I work best with spray paint, because it’s quick and easy. I used a craft spray paint that was less than $4 in Walmart’s craft section. And the green acrylic paint was 50 cents.

Instead of putting a string around the neck, I also just made a cardboard handle on the back of the pepper and taped it, so I could carry it and put it down whenever I needed it. However, if your child needs two hands for trick-or-treating, then I would opt for the string around the neck. 

Materials for Chili Pepper Costume

I went outside and spray painted one coat of red all over the pepper. It took about 10 minutes to dry, and then I painted the green stem with a paint brush over the red paint. I let that dry for about an hour. 

Finally, add a green hat, red gloves, or whatever accessories you want to make you look “chilly.” Ta-da! You’re a Chili Pepper now!

Don’t forget to share your DIY costumes on Instagram with the hashtag #HaffToLaff for a chance for Laffy Taffy to share your picture and receive a sweet surprise!

chilly pepper costume

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Punny costumes - chili pepper

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Tuesday 15th of September 2020

[…] For the costumes that are punny that make you think, try this Chili “Chilly” Pepper costume. All you need is cardboard and inexpensive paint you can find at Walmart for $1 a bottle, a hat and gloves. Here are the full instructions for this punny costume. […]