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Is Ted Lasso Kid Friendly? Parents Guide

Wondering if Ted Lasso is ok for kids? After all the Emmy wins, you may be considering it for a family show. However is Ted Lasso kid friendly? Not really. It’s an excellent show, no doubt, but some material is just not appropriate for kids. You’re not going to see Bridgerton nudity, but there are a ton of sexual jokes and bare bottoms, even in Season 3. Here’s what parents need to know in this Ted Lasso Parents Guide.

Ted Lasso Season 3 Parents Guide


Ted Lasso Parents Guide

In Season 1, Jason Sudeikis plays Ted Lasso, a small-time college football coach from Kansas hired to coach a professional soccer team in England, despite having no experience coaching soccer. When he arrives, almost everyone hates him.  The woman who hired him, Rebecca (Hannah Waddingham), secretly wants to sabotage the team with Ted’s hiring to get back at her ex-husband. Rebecca now owns the team, and it’s the only thing her ex cared about, so she’ll do anything to sink it. 

Ted impresses everyone with his cheerful and optimistic attitude despite going through some major things in his life, too. His wife wants a divorce, he lives far away from his son, and the team isn’t exactly coming together like he hoped. However, nothing can cure the blues like a Ted Lasso quote, and there are plenty of nuggets. 

In Season 2, expect more charming Ted Lasso; you just can’t help but smile. However, you’ll get to know a lot about the players on the team and get into more drama. Season 2 ended with Nate leaving for AFC Richmond’s rival, and it wasn’t on good terms.

As Season 3 opens, Richmond has moved to the Premier League and everyone has them ranked dead last. Rebecca is freaking out and Ted has learned some upsetting news back home. Can Ted continue with her cheery disposition even after Nate hurt him? 

Age Rating: Why is Ted Lasso Rated TV-MA?

Ted Lasso is rated TV-MA for strong language, some nudity, and suggestive references which means some content is not appropriate for kids under 17. 

Language in Ted Lasso

Every 4-letter word you can think of is in this show. The f-word is as common as “um” for some people. So yes, the language is very colorful and some characters drop the f-word at least 10 times in one sentence, especially Roy Kent. Also expect words like a**, sh*t, damn, g-ddamn, bullsh*t, dick, twat, vagina, pu**y, and all forms of Deity. 

Ted Lasso rated TV-MA

Mature Content: Is Ted Lasso OK for Kids? 

There is a lot of sexual content, but not really explicit nudity. There are naked behinds in a locker room. However, there are a lot of sexual jokes about masturbation, uses of vibrators, talk of orgasms, etc., in all the seasons.

There is another naked behind and complete backside in Season 2 after two adults have sex which is used more for comedic purposes.

Many characters drink alcohol. There is infidelity, one-night stands, etc. Some jokes will go over a lot of kids’ heads, but some are way too much.

In Season 3, there continues to be talk about sex as well as implied sexual relations. There are scenes in the bedroom with characters getting up from bed, but no frontal nudity (at least in the first 4 episodes).

Two men kiss and you see a naked behind. It seems as if they are trying to hide their relationship. Another scene shows another naked male behind for comedic effect. A character is shown messing around with another while married.

A character is shown on the toilet with her legs spread apart trying to insert a tampon.

In episode 5, two women kiss and have sex. You can see outlines of their bodies in a shaded room as they remove clothing.

The theme of infertility is prevalent and may be a hard episode for those who have experienced or are experiencing infertility.

Is Ted Lasso ok for kids?

Is Ted Lasso Appropriate for Kids Under 16?

Ted Lasso is a fantastic, funny show, but is for mature audiences, and not exactly kid friendly. If you don’t mind a lot of language (the f-bomb A LOT), and some sexual situations and innuendos, then there are many valuable character and sports lessons. Ted is the nicest guy and the world could use a lot more Ted Lassos. 

Does the show needs all of the excess junk they add in like the sexual jokes and severe language? No. Ted and company would still win the hearts of many. But a lot of the characters are athletes and soccer players, and they don’t usually have the cleanest mouths. I don’t think every show has to be made for kids, but even as an adult, sometimes it’s too much for me. 

The acting is top-notch all-around, even making you love the characters you’re supposed to hate. They’re humans and make mistakes, which makes them relatable. 

That’s probably the best thing about Ted Lasso – the imperfect characters. But you love them anyway. Some of them do really crappy things, but they also know how to apologize and make amends. And in the locker room, the usual stereotypical behavior isn’t allowed. Ted sets expectations, and the rest help each other to keep others in check. 

It just shows that people can change, and through it all Ted is there to keep the family together. In Season 3, Ted starts to wonder what is he still doing in England. His son is in the United States, and he’s really missing him. Ted uses therapy to help him through his thoughts and feelings. It’s so refreshing to see this in a positive light.

Even the other players are encouraged to talk, to forgive, and to be heard. Ted Lasso is deconstructing the machismo male and making it normal to have feelings and to talk about them. Such a feel-good adult show.

If they toned down some things, Ted Lasso would be a fabulous family show, but as it stands now, I’d recommend it for ages 16 and up if you don’t mind some of the content. You can’t help but root for Ted Lasso. And he really does make you believe that people are good.

Ted Lasso Age Rating

Season 3 of Ted Lasso begins streaming on AppleTV+ on March 15th! Enjoy these Ted Lasso memes to get you excited. 


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Saturday 9th of July 2022

With TV crime programs depicting all kinds of violent murder, rape etc why is everyone so concerned about swear words?


Sunday 10th of July 2022

I mean I'm also concerned with violent murder and rape. I think with Ted Lasso, it's such a good show that it's one people want to share with their families, and it's hard to sit down with the kids when the f-bomb is dropped so often.


Monday 11th of October 2021

100% agreed, I just want to enjoy watching a soccer themed comedy show with my teen son but sexual jokes are putting me off. Loved Ted's character , you immediately fall in love with him.

Not Alone

Monday 27th of September 2021

Not sure why writers and directors feel that they need to make every streaming show loaded with sex and foul language. There is a large audience that really prefers shows that they can watch without the unnecessary cursing and be able to watch with young teens. PLEASE put some decent shows out there.

Not Alone.

Saturday 2nd of October 2021

@Not Alone, your not alone bro I feel you.

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