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Is Toy Story 4 Kid Friendly? | Is it OK for Preschoolers?

Is Toy Story 4 kid friendly? The Toy Story franchise is known to generally be family friendly, but is this one any different? Here are the details on language, violence, and scary moments in Toy Story 4. I’ll also give you my recommendations on whether Toy Story 4 is appropriate for preschoolers and whether it lives up to the hype.

Is Toy Story 4 kid friendly? Are the dummies too creepy?

Is Toy Story 4 Kid Friendly?

Toy Story movies are known to be tear jerkers. And I did have to break out my tissues.  Are those ventriloquist dummies too creepy for little ones? At about 1 hour and 40 minutes, Toy Story 4 may be too long for toddlers, but I never looked at my watch once. Let’s talk about whether Toy Story 4 is ok for little kids.

Language in Toy Story 4

I am extremely happy to report that there was no profanity in Toy Story 4. I did hear a use of the word “idiot.” There was also a scene where Bonnie’s mom says, “Daddy’s gonna say some words,” and then you just hear mumbles of exasperation. Forky also uses some self-depricating language about how he’s useless.

Violence and Scary Moments For Little Ones

Let’s talk about Gabby Gabby and those dummies. They’re creepy, no way around that. With some tense moments that will make you jump, a couple scenes may scare little kids. Overall, it’s not too bad. 

Also, Woody has something that Gabby Gabby wants, so it may be unsettling for kids to see Woody in danger. Ducky and Bunny also fight with Buzz Lightyear and another character, but these scenes are used for comedic purposes. And I have to admit, they’re pretty dang funny.

Ducky and Bunny fight scenes in Toy Story 4


Is Toy Story 4 Appropriate for Kids Under 6?

I would recommend Toy Story 4 for kids ages 6 and up. Content wise, I think it’s appropriate for younger kids, but these would be my concerns. Length of movie- can your 3-year-old or 4-year-old sit through a movie? If so, then bring them along!

Is your child sensitive to loss or emotional scenes? There are really sweet storylines and also ones that tug at the heartstrings. I cried; so bring tissues. There’s nothing worse than burning eyes after having to use your popcorn-butter-stained napkins to wipe your tears. My younger children did not cry, but my 12-year-old did. She has a sensitive heart.

Will ventriloquist dummies scare your kids? Some kids love them! That’s their thing. The scenes aren’t too bad, so if you think your kids can handle it, I would take the risk.

Plus, Toy Story 4 is kid friendly for those little ones waiting to see their favorite Toy Story characters on the big screen. Now’s their chance. It could be another 9 years for the next one.

Is Toy Story 4 ok for little kids? Here's the scoop!

Should You Take Your Kids?

Toy Story 4 is for everyone – the whole family. It’s these movies that I will continue to support and rally behind, because we need more of them. Movies that I can share with my teens and preschoolers. That’s real talent when you can write stories that span a wide range of ages without inserting shock humor or profane language. 

It’s been 9 years since Toy Story 3 came out in theaters, and it’s time to see this one with your family on the big screen, together. There’s just something magical about seeing a film in a theater. 

Fan favorites are back – including a different and fierce Bo Peep! She’s not going to sit on a shelf waiting for life to happen. The new characters are hilarious and relatable. Ducky and Bunny, Duke Caboom, Forky, Giggle McDimples, Gabby Gabby, even that creepy Benson all help complete the story adding their own personalities to the group.

Who's the Canuck with all the luck? Duke Caboom!

Who’s the Canuck with all the luck? Duke Caboom!

With plenty of laughs and plenty of tears, Toy Story 4 has become my new favorite Toy Story movie. While it’s hard for me to give up that title from Toy Story, because that’s where I met these wonderful characters, this is the one I get to share with my family. And I’m sentimental that way.

Toy Story 4 is not meant to be part of the trilogy of Toy Story 1, 2, and 3. This is Woody’s story, not the toys in Andy’s Room anymore.

Since the introduction of the “You’ve Got a Friend in Me” theme, Toy Story 4 continues the Toy Story tradition to show us the true meaning of friendship. 

Toy Story 4 is in theaters June 21st! Tickets are on sale now!

Bo Peep as athletic and feminine.

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