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Is The Secret Life of Pets 2 Kid Friendly?

Is The Secret Life of Pets 2 kid friendly? The jokes are aimed towards little ones, and although there’s no profanity, there are some bad words that little kids may repeat. Kids 8 and under will most likely enjoy The Secret Life of Pets 2 while adults may be bored unless you’re a cat person. I’m a dog person which may explain my lack of enthusiasm. Here are the details on language, violence, and mature content in The Secret Life of Pets 2.

Is The Secret Life of Pets 2 kid friendly?

Is The Secret Life of Pets 2 Kid Friendly? 

The Secret Life of Pets 2 is rated PG and will be enjoyable to many people. It has cute animals, a rapping bunny, and a monkey and a bunny slap each other in the face repeatedly. However is The Secret Life of Pets 2 ok for little kids? There are some things to watch for, because small children often repeat what they see – real or fictional – so just watch the toddlers with your monkeys. 

Language in The Secret Life of Pets 2

There is no profanity in The Secret Life of Pets 2. However, there are words like stupid, idiot, jerks, and rat turd. They also said “pissed”,  which was completely unnecessary. Since it’s animals, there is also talk about peeing and having to make a poop.

Violence and Scary Moments

There are a few scary moments in The Secret Life of Pets 2 that could frighten small children like a dark room with scary cats who hiss and fight with each other and mean wolves. Also kids who love animals may not like seeing some animals mistreated in cages and a tiger being whipped. This really upset my 12-year-old daughter who adores animals. 

There are also several scenes with animals fighting (slapping, kicking, poking each other’s eyes) or Captain Snowball punching and kicking bad guys. Two things that really bothered me are when they brought out weapons. In one fight scene, a monkey starts throwing knives.

Then in another scene, there is a close up of the villain taking out a gun, pointing it at an animal and pulling the trigger ready to shoot it. The animation is really crisp and clear, so to a child, it’s very realistic. 

Is The Secret Life of Pets 2 ok for little kids?

Mature Content for Kids

There is no sexual content in The Secret Life of Pets 2, though one animal has a crush on another and dreams of having babies together. In one scene a cat says her owner gave her cat nip, and she acts drunk or high.

Is The Secret Life of Pets 2 Appropriate for Children Under 6?

Here’s the dilemma. Some of the jokes are aimed at children under 6. My 6-year-old was cracking up during the fight scenes. Then when the bunny raps, forget about it. All my kids were rolling with laughter.

Compared to some of the things my kids have watched, The Secret Life of Pets 2 is harmless, good fun. I just wish they would have left out the gun scene and the mistreatment of pets. Neither added to the storylines.

Speaking of storylines, there are 3 main arcs, and sometimes I was so confused what they had to do with each other. Max the terrier must cope with some major life changes when his owner gets married and has a baby, Captain Snowball tries to save a tiger from the circus, and Gidget has to save Max’s beloved ball from some crazy cats and learn to become one. Miraculously, they all end up together at the end.

Why Kids and Adults Will Want to Watch 

At around 1 hour and 30 minutes, The Secret Life of Pets 2 isn’t too long for kids, but I found myself bored. The bottom line is there are some very sweet moments in The Secret Life of Pets 2 about friendship and love. The pets can be funny and are incredibly adorable on the big screen. And the animation is incredible. It just took a very long time to get to the point of you never know what life is going to throw at you. Essentially, live your life.

Is The Secret Life of Pets 2 kid friendly? Sure. Will young kids enjoy it? I think they absolutely will. I was left wanting more, but my friends tell me since I’m not a cat person, I don’t get it. Dogs forever.

The Secret Life of Pets 2 is for cat lovers.

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Wednesday 19th of June 2019

What I don't like about it (and honestly thought, as a society, we were moving passed) was it's another kids movie telling children (CHILDREN!) to just get over there fear. To pull up the ole boot strap and keep marching. Stiff upper lip. Forget therapy. Your cured if you just deal with it. Things aren't that easy to deal with and it's bullying.


Wednesday 19th of June 2019

I can understand that, and I agree. For some children, yes, that could work, but it's not a one-size-fits-all solution.

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Friday 14th of June 2019

[…] Is The Secret Life of Pets 2 Kid Friendly? […]


Wednesday 12th of June 2019

Ugh, it just drives me nuts that they feel the need to include the words that you said and the gun and mistreatment parts. Those things don't add anything to the movie, especially for kids. It really bothers me that half of the kids movies that come out are just really not things that we care for. We love going to the movies but there are so many we skip because of all this stuff. It's frustrating.

Lil Iris

Thursday 9th of April 2020

The Secret Life of Pets 2 became a craze with some kids. I was just minding my own business once and a kid trotted up to me and asked me why I whipped a tiger, then, looking very pleased with himself, walked off. And they certainly should have left out the gun scene. I watched this in 3D and it actually looked like Sergei was about to shoot us... that’s completely unnecessary, and would really scare little kids.


Wednesday 12th of June 2019

I completely agree. Things that are unnecessary and aren't even funny. I hope if more people speak up then writers will be more conscious of it.