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Is Home Sweet Home Alone Kid Friendly? Parents Guide

Wondering if Home Sweet Home Alone is ok for kids? This film is rated PG for some violence and rude humor. Here’s what parents need to know in this Home Sweet Home Alone Parents Guide.

Home Sweet Home Alone Parents Guide

Is Home Sweet Home Alone Kid Friendly?

Ten-year-old Max Mercer has been accidentally left behind for the holidays while his family is in Japan. Earlier Max took an expensive doll from a family’s home and now the couple wants it back. However, Max thinks the couple want to kidnap since he has been left alone. Max will protect his home no matter what it takes.

Home Sweet Home Alone is an attempt at a remake of the popular Home Alone movie, and was added to Disney+ on Disney+ Day

What is Home Sweet Alone Rated?

Home Sweet Home Alone is rated PG for slapstick violence, rude material and some language. It may not be suitable for all ages. 


There are some words like stupid, butt, crap, boobie, and perv. Also a boy starts to say bullsh** and then gets cut off before he finishes. 

Mature Content

There is some comedic violence where Max sets up traps for the couple. They are often inflicted with physical pain like falling on ice or other objects or getting slammed in the head. Max is often rude to his mother and other people and can get mouthy.

A father loses his job and the family has financial struggles.

Home Sweet Home Alone kid friendly

Is Home Sweet Home Alone Appropriate for Kids Under 8?

Home Sweet Home Alone has the usual hijinks from Home Alone, and I would say it’s appropriate for kids ages 8 and up. Kids younger could watch and be fine, as long as they realize the couple isn’t seriously injured. 

Now is it any good? No. I’m not even mad that they attempted a remake or that they changed things up, but it was so bad. A holiday movie is a holiday movie, and some people will enjoy it, especially kids who like slapstick humor. My biggest problem with the premise of the movie is that the couple that Max is hurting is trying to retrieve something that Max stole from them in the first place. So it’s hard to root for either of them. 

But spoiler alert, you’ll still get a ‘family is everything’ message to bring home those holiday feels.

Home Sweet Home Alone Rated PG

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