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Is Love Hard Kid Friendly? Parents Guide

Wondering if Love Hard on Netflix is ok for kids? Love Hard is rated TV-MA for language and crude humor, and it’s no Hallmark movie. So begins Netflix’s holiday slate of movies. Is this Christmas rom-com kid friendly? Not really. Here’s what parents need to know in this Love Hard Parents Guide.

Love Hard Parents Guide Netflix

Love Hard Parents Guide

Columnist Natalie (Nina Dobrev) has spent years writing about her date disasters for Soash Media. However, she’s tired of it and wants to find love already. After finally finding her perfect online match, she decides to fly across the country to surprise Josh (Jimmy O. Yang) for Christmas. However, when she meets him, she finds out she’s been catfished. 

Natalie is about to leave town, but happens to see Tag (Darren Barnet), the hot guy from the picture Josh has been using for his profile. Josh suggests a deal: if Natalie pretends to be his girlfriend until Christmas to impress his family, he’ll help her get closer to Tag. Then Natalie can have her ‘happily ever after’ ending. 

However, things are never that simple in a rom-com.

What is Love Hard Rated? 

Love Hard is rated TV-MA for language and sexual content which means this program is specifically designed to be viewed by adults and may be unsuitable for children under 17.


There is some profanity in Love Hard including at least 7 uses of a** (a**kicker, a**hole), 5 uses of sh*t, a use of bit*h, damn, fu*k and motherfu*ker (written), and a handful of g-ddamns. There are also some sexual words like dick and orgasm.

Mature Content

There is no nudity in Love Hard, and mainly the sexual content is in the jokes. There is talk of penises, a comment about someone being amazing in bed, some older characters (grandmas and people in nursing homes) make sexual jokes, there is a joke about something being homo erotic.

A character jumps on a table and dances sexy for comedic purposes. A character is seen in her underwear. 

There is mention of drugs and a character uses drugs to get through an uncomfortable situation. Characters drink alcohol.

Love Hard ok for kids

Is Love Hard Appropriate for Kids Under 17?

Love Hard is not really appropriate for the tweens, and some teens may find it funny, but it’s mainly geared to the millennial crowd. It reminds me a little of last year’s Holidate, but not as crude. Some kids may want to watch it for Darren Barnet who is the teen Netflix show Never Have I Ever, though his character Tag isn’t featured a ton.

Love Hard is for those who are tired of that single ‘dating app’ life. While it means well with its beautiful girl and the not-as-hot guy message, it’s just so cliche-filled that it makes it way too corny. I knew I was in big trouble when one of the first online convos between Josh and Natalie was a ‘Is Die Hard a Christmas movie’ debate. The relationships and attractions weren’t believable, there was some weird obsession with ‘the Mormons,’ and a cringey Love Actually scene. 

Josh’s grandma is a hoot, but also, I’m not that into older people talking about sex. Maybe that’s just my own issue. There was potential

Dobrev and Yang weren’t bad, I just wasn’t getting any chemistry between the two. And without chemistry, it makes it hard to root for the leads in a rom-com. 

Love Hard Rated TV-MA

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