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Is Marvel’s Hawkeye Kid Friendly? Parents Guide

Wondering if Hawkeye is ok for kids? The old Marvel is back with Hawkeye on Disney+! Action, humor, and heart is the Marvel formula I have come to love. Hawkeye is rated TV-14 for language and action and is not quite as violent as The Falcon and The Winter Soldier…yet. Here’s what parents need to know in this Hawkeye Parents Guide.

Hawkeye Parents Guide

Hawkeye Parent Guide Review

Clint Barton (Jeremy Renner) is spending time in New York City with his kids (post-Avengers:Endgame)when he sees someone on the news in his old Ronin suit. After finding it was a young wanna-be hero who looks up to Hawkeye, Kate Bishop (Hailee Steinfeld), he must now work with her to confront enemies from his past as Ronin in order to get back to his family in time for Christmas. What he doesn’t know is how Kate’s past ties into it all. 

Hawkeye ok for kids

What is Hawkeye Rated?

Hawkeye is rated TV-14 for language and action sequences and may not be suitable for kids under 14.  

Parents should know Hawkeye is pretty typical Marvel, so if your kids can handle most Marvel movies, then Hawkeye is no different.


In the first two episodes of Hawkeye, there are about 3 uses of sh*t, a couple of hells, and a use of douchebag. There are also some words of Deity like “Jesus” and “oh my g-d.”

In the next couple of episodes there are more uses of g-d, damn, and bullsh*t.


Kate Bishop is an archer, too, so there are scenes with bows and arrows, and plenty of other fight scenes involving swords, guns, and martial arts. Some scenes are a little graphic, but not quite as bad as the scene in Avengers:Endgame when Ronin makes an appearance.

Some enemies try to kill Kate and Hawkeye. A house is looted and burned down. A parent dies during a battle which may be upsetting for small children. 

In the next couple of episodes, there is some more fighting, hand-to-hand combat, car chases, and use of trick arrows. Definite PG-13 action.

As the series goes on, it becomes more emotional with more backstory and flashbacks of past events.

As far as kid-friendly Marvel goes, I’d rank Hawkeye as more kid-friendly than Black Panther but less kid-friendly than Loki

Is Hawkeye Kid Friendly?

Is Hawkeye Appropriate for Kids Under 13?

TV-14 is an appropriate rating due to the action and violence in Hawkeye, but there’s nothing so over-the-top in this Marvel TV show versus past Marvel movies if your kids are familiar with Marvel. Note: this is for the first two episodes only. 

Hawkeye is the return of the MCU Marvel fans fell in love with since the beginning. It’s so much fun and that mixed with the Christmas setting adds even more emotional punches!

The casting of a snarky and personable Kate Bishop in Hailee Steinfeld is perfection. Not only does she admire Hawkeye, but she doesn’t let him get rid of her. Kate and Hawkeye make for one of Marvel’s most iconic duos! Plus any time you can add another kick-butt female MCU character, I’m here for it. Little girls have another role model.

And the first episode of Hawkeye cannot be mentioned without the well-deserved accolades of Rogers: The Musical. Clint and his kids are in New York watching this Avengers-themed musical with hilarious original lyrics and hokey dancing, and it’s everything I could ever want. I would pay real money to watch this on Broadway. 

Hawkeye fans finally get more Hawkeye and Jeremy Renner! We get to see more of Clint Barton as a dad and father-figure and the many layers and complexities of Hawkeye. He may not be the nicest, most popular Avenger, but he has his fans. He has his darker side, but his sense of humor adds some levity, as does the more cheerful Kate.  Sometimes people don’t want the sugary Captain America. I mean I don’t know why you wouldn’t… but here you go. Welcome back, old MCU, we’ve missed you. 

Hailee Steinfeld as Kate Bishop



Saturday 4th of June 2022

He puts arrows in peoples chests then runs aaway when the police arrive! He killed a load of people because he was sad that his friend had comiited suicide and showed zero remorse, He is a murderer who spends the whole series showing a young woman how to be a better murderer. There is also a contract killer but we are told that its ok to kill for money if you are funny. 'Nothing over the top' did you not watch it?


Saturday 4th of June 2022

When comparing it other Marvel TV shows and films, Hawkeye isn't particularly over the top in my opinion in regards to gore and violence per the rating. And I disagree that there was zero remorse. I don't think this show is for kids, but I do think the age rating is appropriate.

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