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Funny Earth Day Memes 2023 to Celebrate Our Planet

Happy Earth Day 2023! Let’s celebrate by sharing funny Earth Day memes. And also let’s take care of our beautiful planet, so we can all enjoy it a little bit longer.

The Best Happy Earth Day Memes to Share

Earth Day was created to spread awareness and appreciation of Mother Earth. These Earth Day memes are a way to say Happy Earth Day!

Party it up, trees, today is your day. 

Earth Day Meme

Hmm, interesting question.

Best Earth Day Meme

When you’re trying to flex on the other planets.

Earth Day Flex Meme

Does this mean naps all around? 

Funniest Earth Day Memes

Earth probably does deserve more than one day.


Funny Earth Day Memes

No explanation needed. 

Hilarious Earth Day Meme

And some people celebrate Earth Day by calling into work.

Earth Day Work Meme

However you celebrate Earth Day, we can make Earth Day everyday. 

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