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The Funniest Father’s Day Memes That Are So True

Father’s Day 2023 is quickly approaching and what better way to celebrate dad than with funny Father’s Day memes? Dad jokes are the best, and my girls always like to roll their eyes at their father, but giggle afterwards. After the year we’ve had, you can’t help but laugh at these funny 2023 Father’s Day memes.

Funny Father’s Day Memes for 2023

What does a dad want for Father’s Day? Gift cards and for you to send him silly memes of course! Here are some of the funniest memes for Father’s Day on the internet to show just how much you love your pop.

Dad, Dad, Dad!!!

Kids always know when dads are taking naps.

Funniest Father's Day Memes

Yoda Best Dad

For any Star Wars fan, this will make dear old dad’s heart melt. Yoda best, dad!

Yoda Best Dad Meme

Dad Jokes

I mean come on, Dad jokes make the world go round.

Dad Jokes Father's Day Memes


“You Rock” with The Rock

What’s a Father’s Day meme without a Father’s Day pun? You rock, dad! Love, The Rock

Father's Day You rock pun


Least Embarrassing Dad Award

Thanks for putting in the effort, dad.

Funny Fathers Day Meme 2023

Game of Thrones #1 Dad Meme

For Game of Thrones fans. Totally not the number one dad. So at least your father is better, right?

Game of Thrones Number One Dad Meme

Favorite Child

Everyone knows that you’re the favorite child, even dad. 

Fathers Day funny Meme

Awkward Father’s Day

So you know when your sibling jokes about you about the milkman being your daddy..well this could get awkward.

Father's Day Milkman Joke

For Dads Who Don’t Ask for Directions

Is this still a thing? Why won’t dads ask for directions? I guess they have Siri now.

Funny Fathers Day Meme

Source: Retro Planet

For Everyone Who Dislikes the Cowboys

Non-Cowboys Fan Meme for Father's Day

Source: Twitter @NFL_Memes

And a very Happy Father’s Day to the dad who didn’t raise Cowboys fans. Cheers!

Hey, Times are Tough this Father’s Day

Sometimes you just have enough money for a card or a Father’s Day meme. 

Dad meme for Father's Day

When Your Kids are Broke

We all have those broke best friends.

Father's Day Meme 2021

And When You Really Need That Cash

That was the funniest dad joke, dad!!

Funny Fathers Day Meme


Thank You, Dads

Thank you to all the ones who are stepping in and taking on the role of father!

Happy Fathers Day Meme

And I guess Happy Father’s Day to the dad who keep our therapists in business.

Fathers Day Therapy Meme


Hilarious Fathers Day Meme

Happy Father’s Day!

For more Father’s Day love here are some Father’s Day movies to watch with your dad and heartfelt Thank You Father’s Day quotes to share on social media.

Best Father's Day Memes


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