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Funny Last Day of School Memes For Kids and Teachers 2024

On the last day of school, students and teachers can experience a mix of emotions! However, most of the time it’s happiness and excitement as they look forward to summer break. But parents? Sorry, parents. These funny last day of school memes for teachers and students will have you looking forward to summer!

Best Last Day of School Memes 2024

When May starts to creep around, mama is done with schoolwork, homework, waking up early, etc. These end of the school year memes had me laughing and are great to share. Schooool’s out for summer!

When It’s Finally the Last Day of School

When the final bell rings on the last day of school.

Last Day of School Memes

One Last Ride Home

A sigh of relief for the last day of school!

Memes for Last Day of School

The Last Day of School Has Arrived

One more sleep!

Funny last day of school memes

Strutting Out of School

You have to dance your way out of school on the last day. 

School on the last day meme

And maybe you’re feeling a little High School Musical…

Last Day of School Meme Musical

Hello Summer Break

It’s time for summer and summer memes!

End of School Year Memes

Seriously, I’m so ready for the summer.

school out for summer meme

No lies detected. Hang in there, parents.

End of School Year Meme

So maybe the song is wrong and Dwight is right.

last day of school meme funny

Last Day of School Memes for Teachers

Teachers are heroes. They’ve worked hard and deserve a break. These funny end of school year memes for teachers are perfect for sharing.

Teachers be like…

Last Day of School Teacher Day Meme

And also, come get your kids.

Parent Last Day of School Meme

Teachers have been through it. They are heroes. 

End of School Year Teacher Memes

Saying goodbye to homework like…

End of School Year Meme 2023

Welp parents, happy summer!

Parents end of school meme

Happy summer, everyone!

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