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Funny Friday Memes to Celebrate The Weekend in 2024

Hallelujah and thank goodness it’s Friday! We survived the week, y’all. These funny Friday memes give us reason to yell “TGIF!” Now let’s get to the weekend.

The Best Friday Memes to Celebrate TGIF

It’s finally Friday! This collection of Friday memes will have you ready to party or sleep on the weekend. Share them with friends, coworkers, or just keep them to yourself for some self-care.

This dose of humor that will leave you smiling all the way into the weekend. Cheers to laughter, good vibes, and the joy of Fridays!

True story.

Hilarious Friday Meme

Did somebody say Friday?

Friday Weekend Memes

It’s Friday, hooray!!


This is my Friday face.

Friday Memes

Friday Memes

Breathe. We made it.

Friday Weekend Meme

When it’s Friday and you’re done with work!

Funny Friday Meme

See ya! We’re running full Tom Cruise speed out of the office.

Friday Work Meme

But if you really want to leave work on Friday with some pizazz…

Friday Work Memes

And if you don’t even care anymore.

Leaving Work on a Friday Meme

How we work on Fridays. 

Friday Meme

We can smell the weekend! 

Hilarious Meme for Friday

It’s Friday! Let’s celebrate with funny memes!

Friday Meme to Make You Laugh

Friday Memes

Well what’s your favorite?

Friday Meme 2023

Too cute not to share.

Cute Friday Meme

Yes, Yoda. Smells like a Friday it does.

Star Wars Friday Meme

We made it, friends. 

Funny Friday Meme

A different Friday face if you’re feeling cheeky.

Friday Face Meme

And if you just want to hang in your pjs on Friday, we can dig it.

Funny Friday Memes Kermit

Have a great weekend!!

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