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Best Disney Princess Half Marathon Tips and Etiquette

Disney Princess Half Marathon Weekend is a fun girlfriend getaway trip. I always have a fabulous time, but sometimes there can be drama. Most of the people you meet at this runDisney race are lovely, however, some are straight up Princess divas. Follow these best Disney Princess Half Marathon tips and etiquette, so we can all get along, Princesses, and have a great race.

Princess Half Marathon Tips

Princess Half Marathon Tips


Best Disney Princess Half Marathon Weekend Tips

 These Disney Princess Half Marathon tips can help everyone can have a magical race and an awesome experience. I ran my first Disney Princess Half Marathon in 2013. In fact, it was my first half marathon ever. So Princess Half Marathon Weekend holds a special place in my heart, and I keep getting sucked back in by friends every year.

However, it’s not my favorite runDisney race. It always feels the most crowded and unfortunately I always see some non-princess like behavior. I live with a lot of estrogen – I have 5 daughters – so I know how to handle it. 

In 2016 I only ran the Princess 10K, which was heavenly. It was still a challenge, but I was able to play in the Disney parks without feeling sore or worrying about too many early wake-up calls.

These courtesies can apply for any runDisney race.

Princess Half Marathon Meme

Please Start in Your Corral for runDisney Races

I know we get all hung up on the letters and somehow it messes with our psyche. But if you submitted a proof of time, then you should have been placed with runners of your same pace. This is good..for everyone!

That way you don’t start off too fast, and you don’t start too slow. Be honest about your placement. If you want to run with friends who may be faster, then don’t try to be a corral jumper. Have them drop back with you. The race will still be fun! Everyone needs good race karma.

Crowds at Cinderella Castle during Princess Half Marathon Weekend

It gets crowded and that can be frustrating for everyone. I’ve been on both sides of the fence. There have been times when I really want to get a fast time, but I can’t get around people who are walking straight out of the gate. And nothing against run/walkers, I’m one of them. 

There are times when I’m not properly trained, and I want extra cushion, or I want to start with my friends, so it’s tempting to want to sneak my way up. It’s just not good for anyone.

Please Stay to the Right for Intervals

I’m a Galloway runner, so I do run/walk intervals. I try to be as conscious as I can to stay to the right when I walk, so others can pass on the left if they need to. If people are running with other runners that have similar paces, then run/walkers can do their thing to the right, and runners can do their thing to the left.

You may even notice that you are around the same people through a lot of the race who are running intervals. 

When people just throw caution to the wind, that’s when the congestion happens and you have people trying to pass on the left and on the right. Weaving ensues, more accidental bumping occurs, and that’s when the curse words start flying.

I really hate seeing fights and words being exchanged on the course. It just ruins the magic for everyone. Sadly it happens, and it would be great if it didn’t.

Princess Half Marathon Tips for Runners


Extra good karma if you are a run/walker and you signal either with a raise of the hand or yell “walking” when you start your walking interval. There are tons of Galloway runners in runDisney races, so sometimes the thousands of beeping watches gets confusing.

And no disrespect from me for being a run/walker or having a beeping watch, because I’m one of them! First time racers or first timers to runDisney races just might not be aware of it.

Runners also need to be aware of the walkers. Sometimes runners get attitude and snippy, too, when they don’t understand the run/walkers or the benefit of the Galloway Method. Then they start blasting through people in the middle, on the left, on the right, and it gets messy and dangerous.

Princess Half Marathon Crowds in Epcot

As you can see, there’s a lot of runners on the road and especially in the theme parks like Epcot. 


Disney Princess Half Marathon race course
Throw Cups or Itchy Tutus to the Side of the Road

So you know those trash cans (trash boxes) lined up and down the water stations? Please use them or at least try. We all know no one is Michael Jordan, except Michael Jordan. No biggie. And please don’t just toss your half-full (see, I’m a cup half-full type of girl) cup of water to the side in front of other runners.

I, as well as many friends, have been the recipient of water splashed in the face. It did not feel refreshing. It was actually kind of gross. So, yeah, don’t be that guy.

Don't be that guy at Princess Half Marathon

If you need to take off a layer in the heat, then just toss to the side. They’ll come pick them up later. 

Run Single File or Two Across 

I love running with friends! In fact, I’m often running with a big group and am mostly wearing a killer group running costume. We laugh, we sweat, we run, we walk together. We do not run more than two across though. That would just be plain mean.

And I don’t want anyone singing Taylor Swift’s “Mean” to any of us. Because that would mean we were liars, and pathetic and no one wants that. Take it from these guys. They know what’s up.

Single File RunnersSeriously though, there are some places on the Disney Princess Half Marathon Course that are very narrow. It’s usually around the half-way point when some Princesses are just over it. So I get it, you’re tired and want a break.

However, if people at the same pace could be aware of their surroundings, then others who are running or on a run interval can run on the left, it won’t feel so congested. There are bottleneck areas, so just try to be as courteous as you can – and that’s for everyone on the course. 

In 2017, I basically just threw my hands up in defeat at this spot. There was no where to go, and it just gets frustrating. I felt like a sardine and could only walk.

I’m not trying to be your mom. I don’t want to be your mom. Was there some exaggeration in this post? Yes. Absolutely. The bottom line is this. Everyone who registered for Disney Princess Half Marathon Weekend wants to have a good race.

There will be runners who want a PR, there are others who just want to take all the pictures and have fun. And of course get their gorgeous Princess Half Marathon medals!

There’s room for all of that, but we all need to be kind, courteous, and aware. Those are my best Princess Half Marathon tips. Chances are most everyone will have a great race! It’s fun; it’s runDisney!

Princess Half Marathon Weekend Tips and Costumes


Then after the race, go to the parks and take some fun pictures in your costumes! Sure, you may be a little smelly, but it’s always a lot of fun. The other guests will forgive you.

These races are meant to be fun! If taking pics with characters is fun for you, then do it!

Princess Half Marathon Tips

Try to avoid these Princess Half Marathon Weekend mistakes. Let’s just try to be kind and friendly to each other as runners and as human beings. See ya real soon, Princesses!

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Monday 26th of February 2018

Great points! Just wondering how you feel about people shouting “on your left” or similar when trying to run past walkers. Also, sometimes running through the middle is the only was to get past a pack of runners on the left - is there another way to handle it? I found myself on the grass and gravel a LOT yesterday and it was not fun. It would be so magical if walkers didn’t stay on the left curb with NO room for passing. Not just a Disney thing, that’s every race I’ve ever been in. Anyway, thanks for tackling this important subject!!!


Monday 26th of February 2018

I think any heads up is a courtesy! And I totally understand that sometimes you just have to go through the middle, because there is nowhere to go. I’ve had to do it, too. It’s just important for everyone to be aware. It’s hard, because sometimes you are so tired, that you’re just focusing on surviving not what’s going on around you. I find it worse the later you start. I ran in A corral for the 10K and was like, oh wow, this is what it’s like to have space!