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Disney Running Costumes | How to Rock a RunDisney Group Costume

Since my first runDisney race, I knew I wanted to run in costume. Disney running costumes are the best! It was just my husband and I as The Incredibles. Fast forward a few years, and I’ve added a lot of BRFs (best running friends). That means group costumes! That’s why I love my friends. They’re up for anything, and they know how to rock a runDisney group costume. Here’s how you can put together your own group Disney running costumes.

Disney Running Costumes

It doesn’t have to be a large one. Like I said, it was just my husband and I for my first runDisney half marathon. We dressed as Mr. and Mrs. Incredible. And we had a ball! Funny enough, I found my first group of BRFs on the internet. Some people met through the DISboards, others through Twitter, and our first big meet-up was Disney Wine & Dine Half Marathon in 2013.

Disney running costumes as The Incredibles in Disney's Princess Half Marathon

One of my very favorite Disney running costumes was epic. We represented different countries in World Showcase. If you’re running solo, ask on one of the many runDisney Facebook groups if anyone wants to do a theme together and then meet up at the race to take a pic. Be smart about meeting strangers though.

Wine and Dine Half Marathon runDisney group costume

Pretty much my favorite picture and yes, I was the only one to keep my sombrero on for the race.

Choose a Theme for Your Disney Running Costumes

Most of the time my friends and I like to go against the race theme. So if it’s Princess Half Marathon, we might do a villains theme. We just like to think outside of the box. There’s nothing wrong with going with the race theme ,though, especially if you’re going to kill the group runDisney costume.

Some people are so talented, it doesn’t matter what they are, because their costumes always rock. For Tower of Terror 10-Miler, we chose a Ghostbusters theme, because it was the Ghostbusters 30th Anniversary.

For Tinker Bell Half Marathon, a couple of us did Star Wars and found some friends along the course to go with our theme. Pick a favorite character, a favorite film, a favorite accessory, or anything you want for your group Disney running costume!

Tower of Terror 10-Miler Ghostbusters runDisney group costume theme

Star Wars runDisney group costume

Choose Your Materials for Disney Running Costumes

For my first half marathon, I wanted a very simple, tech-friendly costume, because I was nervous about my first half marathon. As I’ve become a more experienced runner, anything goes now. For a half marathon, I will always have a base layer of tech clothes. Remember, cotton is rotten for running.

For a 10K or a 5K, it doesn’t matter. My personal favorite was when I was a Sister Suffragette when my group did a Mary Poppins Disney running costume theme. I had a whole lot of clothes on, and it was hot! But I had a base layer just in case I ever got too hot, I could shed some layers. I’ve run in a sombrero and a wig for 13.1 miles, too.

Mary Poppins runDisney group running costume

I’m far right. Base layer plus long-sleeved men’s dress shirt, tie, long denim-ish dress, apron, and hat.

You can add little details to really make a costume your own. Fabric glue and hemming tape are my friends. Also craft foam sheets are awesome for details on visors. I made a seagull hat from Finding Nemo with craft foam.

My friend, Amy, always shops at Goodwill to find pieces for her costumes. I usually wear my favorite running shorts and then put a Sparkle Athletic skirt over it since they’re reasonably priced and come in the colors I need. Then I add compression sleeves to match.

Finding Nemo runDisney group costume

Photo Credit: Patty Holliday

Add props if you want, too! I’ve run with Hulk Fists on my hands, carried a lightsaber, even a fake pistol when I was Panchito Pistoles from The Three Caballeros. Our Mary Poppins chimney sweeps ran with brooms.

Have Fun with Your Group Disney Running Costumes

Rock your costume and work it. Be proud of your work! I like to get into character and stay in character. It entertains me. Just have fun out there. You can PR in a costume! Do as much or as little as you want.

When you have a group, the theme really stands out more. You don’t all have to run together. We had a gaggle of ostriches from Fantasia and split off into many groups but found each other at the end.

Group runDisney costume - Fantasia Ostriches

Find fun photo opportunities. After we were the Dapper Dans one race, we went straight to the Magic Kingdom and fangirled the real Dapper Dans! Swoon. It was such an awesome moment!

Another time, our Nemo group took a photo in Epcot in front of The Seas with Nemo & Friends. As villains, we went into Epcot to ride some attractions and have Cruella De Vil photo ops at Test Track.

Dapper Dan runDisney group costume

Cruella De Vil Disney Running Costume

I like to commit. It’s half the fun. Bonus is that I can reuse these running costumes as Halloween costumes, too. Better yet, I can wear them to Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party!

Now grab some friends and sign up for a runDisney race!

Inside Out group costume for Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party

Bing Bong can be used a running costume or Halloween costume.

Running tons of miles is always better in costume. Here's how to rock a runDisney group costume for your next runDisney race! Check here for Disney running costumes.



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