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Funny 4th of July Memes for Independence Day 2023

Happy Birthday, America! Or Happy Independence Day! The 4th of July is when we celebrate America’s Independence, Captain America’s birthday, or drop shade on the British. Celebrate with these hilarious 4th of July Memes in 2023! 

Best 4th of July Memes in 2023

Here’s a roundup of some of the best 2023 Fourth of July memes on the internet! Hopefully they’ll make you laugh. If not, just start blowing stuff up! ‘Merica.

Funny 4th of July Quotes for Instagram

For the Brits

Thank you. Without you, Independence wouldn’t have been possible. Also, I miss the queen.

Funny 4th of July Meme

Dang, that’s cold.

Funniest 4th of July Meme for Brits

July 4th, When History Began

Ron Swanson is always right. 

Fourth of July Meme Ron Swanson

As American As Apple Pie

What’s that saying about as American as apple pie…

4th of July Apple Pie Meme

Firework Safety

Be careful out there, kids.

4th of July Memes

Speaking of Fireworks

The fireworks pictures are coming…

Brace Yourselves 2022 July 4th Meme

Tis the Season

Obviously, we all need to watch Independence Day on repeat.  But are we all still mad at Will Smith?

Happy Independence Day Meme

Independence Day Meme Will Smith

Punny 4th of July

Ok, this made me laugh. Good job, Reader’s Digest.

4th of July Funny Meme 2022


Captain America’s Birthday

July 4th is also Captain America’s birthday.

Captain america meme fourth of july

May the 4th of July Be With You

So maybe someone was confused with the May the Fourth Memes, but this one is still funny. 

May the 4th of July Meme

Stephen Colbert for the Win

He’s not wrong.

Stephen Colbert Fourth of July

When is the 4th of July?

Um guys. Why does this come up as a search option? It’s the 4th of July.

when is the 4th of july meme

For the Love of Dogs

Can we agree on an acceptable end time for fireworks? Think of the dogs!

Dog Fireworks Memes Fourth of July

Liam Neeson 4th of July Meme

Get Out Your Grills

Grilling is just as American as fireworks.

4th of July Grill Meme

Speaking of Fireworks

No, seriously. What do fireworks look like again? Of course it’s always the Facebook.

Fireworks Meme

God Bless America

Now that’s the attitude. Because Americans these days. 



It’s America’s Holiday

Well, I hope you like fireworks.

Funny Fourth of July Meme

Happy 4th of July, everyone! And if you need something a little more patriotic, these 4th of July quotes and 4th of July movies for kids and teens will inspire you.

Best 4th of July Memes 2023

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