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WandaVision Spoilers – Episodes 1 and 2

Now that the first two episodes of WandaVision are out on Disney+, let’s talk WandaVision spoilers and what we learn from them. If you haven’t seen them yet, maybe wait until you have. Or if you have no time to watch and just want the scoop, then read further below. 

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WandaVision Spoilers Episodes 1 and 2

Here are just some of the WandaVision spoilers from the first two episodes. If you have any to add, drop them in the comments below. If you want to know if WandaVision is ok for kids, check out my review.

WandaVision Episode 1 is influenced after the Dick Van Dyke Show. 

WandaVision Episode 2 is influenced after Bewitched. 

 Wanda’s and Vision’s houses change in each episode. 

Each WandaVision episode has a commercial that possibly give connections to other characters and places in the MCU. The first episode shows a toaster – the Toastmate 2000- from Stark Industries. 

At dinner with the Harts in episode 1, Wanda serves “Maison du Mepris” wine which alludes to the House of M comics.

When the Harts come, Vision has a quote where he says Wanda’s dress is so…so…kovian. Remember those Sokovia accords from Captain America: Civil War? The repercussions of that may be coming back in WandaVision.

In episode 1 you see a notebook with a SWORD symbol, and you see a SWORD symbol on a helicopter in Episode 2. In the comics, SWORD is an organization that protects Earth from extraterrestrial threats, but in the MCU they are the “Sentient Weapon Observation Response Division.” Essentially, they are responsible for monitoring and policing superhumans. 

Monica Rambeau is introduced in Episode 2, but her name is Geraldine. Marvel has confirmed she’s Monica Rambeau, daughter of Maria Rambeau in Captain Marvel. We don’t know if she doesn’t know she’s Monica or if it’s an alias.

When Vision is practicing his magic for the talent show his Cabinet of Mysteries has a Mind Stone design.

The commercial in episode 2 is for a Strucker watch which has Hydra written on it as well as the Hydra symbol. “Strucker, he’ll make time for you.” Dr. Wolfgang von Strucker was a Hydra leader and killed in Avengers: Age of Ultron

In Episode 2, Wanda and Dottie are having a tense conversation. After Dottie says she doesn’t believe Wanda wouldn’t hurt anyone, you hear a voice saying “Wanda, can you hear me? Who is doing this to you?” Some say it’s Jimmy Woo from Ant-Man and the Wasp, since Randall Park is in WandaVision, however his name is not shown in the credits of the episode.

We see Wanda is pregnant in Episode 2, though that was shown in trailers.

At the conclusion of Episode 2 Wanda sees someone in a beekeeper outfit come out from a manhole in the street. She is filled with panic and then flashes back to a happier pregnancy moment. Is that the SWORD symbol on the back of the uniform?

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