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Review: New WandaVision Cakes at Disney Springs

Hey Marvel fans, WandaVision is now streaming on Disney+! To celebrate, Disney Springs has new WandaVision cakes at Amorette’s Patisserie. So obviously, I had to go try them. My WandaVision Cake review may be a little better than my WandaVision Parent Guide but only because cake is involved. 

WandaVision Cake Disney Springs


WandaVision Cakes at Amorette’s Patisserie in Disney Springs Review

The WandaVision cakes are located at Amorette’s Patisserie which is next to World of Disney. So if you want the closest parking, park in the Lime Garage if possible. 

Since today two episodes of WandaVision dropped, there were two different cake designs. This is similar to the Baby Yoda cakes where supplies are limited, and they run out during the course of the day. 

Each cake is $20, which is a little steep, but the details are incredible. The WandaVision cake looks like a TV with a different scene for each decade. So the design will change every Friday once a new episode is released on Disney+. 

WandaVision Cake Amorettes Patisseries

WandaVision Petit – Chocolate and Vanilla Chiffon Cakes, White Chocolate & Dark Chocolate Mousse With Cookie Crumbs and Chocolate Pieces. 

This cake is delicious! I’ve had some of their smaller fondant cakes where the cake is dry and not good. I think the mousse in between helps as well as the texture of the cookie crumbs. The flavors are really good and is a good combination of vanilla and chocolate, so it’s not super rich. On the flip side, there’s also not different flavors that make it say wow, this cake is so different, but that’s ok. Sometimes you just need good cake.

WandaVision Cake Review

Is the WandaVision Cake Worth the Price?

$20 is a little steep since it can’t really serve more than two people and I could have finished the whole cake myself. However, the details are really good and even the fondant isn’t bad. I’m not a fondant girl, but my husband said it tasted like licorice to him, so he liked it a lot! 

The other TV details are made of chocolate pieces and can be delicate. But they do put them in a nice box and bag for you if you have to take it to-go. 

They’re really cute and a fun splurge. I can’t wait to see the future designs for the different decades of the show!

WandaVision Sixties Cake

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