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Best Quotes from Netflix’s Lupin

Have you seen Lupin on Netflix? Then you know it’s in French. And this show will take you on a ride! Although I don’t know the direct translation of everything said, these were some of favorite Lupin quotes from the subtitles. 

Best Lupin Assane Quotes

Best Quotes from Netflix’s Lupin

Netflix’s Lupin, is inspired by the adventures of Arsène Lupin, gentleman thief. Assane Diop sets out to avenge his father for an injustice inflicted by a wealthy family after accusing him of stealing his necklace. He must know the truth, but will he find it without losing other family. 

Assane has the best quotes from Lupin, but Fabienne comes in as a close second. She’s tough and means business. What are some of your favorite quotes? Drop them in the comments below. 

You underestimated me. You didn’t look at me. You saw me, but you didn’t really look. -Assane

Everyone on top while we’re at the bottom. They don’t look, and thanks to that we’re gonna be rich. -Assane

Do you know what they call men like your dad? A gentleman. -Mrs. Pellegrini

Have a little respect for the planet. 

You know the handcuff trick? -Assane

Go in as janitors and come out as millionaires. -Assane

Arséne Lupin isn’t just a book. He’s my heritage. My method. My path. I am Lupin. -Assane

Lupin Kid Friendly

I’m not a thief. I’m a fan. -Assane

Fabienne doesn’t exist anymore. She was reduced to silence by big business! -Fabienne

Pellegrini took the most precious thing I had. My career. He made me seem like a crazy cat lady. -Fabienne

A good journalist never reveals her sources. -Fabienne

We may have lost the battle tonight. But I know you, you won’t give up. You know the difference between good and evil. And you’ll never quit. In spite of the danger and the forces trying to stop you. And that’s why I admire you. So we’re going to fight. For your father, for your family. For us. We’re going to fight, Assane. Together. -Fabienne

Lupin Netflix Quotes 

Season 2 Lupin Quotes

The foundation was robbed, but we refuse to be intimidated. -Pellegrini

Are you really a thief? That’s why they took me? -Raoul

How far will you go, Papa? -Raoul

Tell me and I’ll stop. -Assane
No. Continue. -Raoul

What now? -Benjamin
We disappear. -Assane

Lupin Season 2 Netflix

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