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Is Captain Marvel Kid Friendly?

Captain Marvel is the latest Marvel film to come out of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Is Captain Marvel kid friendly? It’s PG-13 for violence and language. In this Captain Marvel parent review, I’ll give you the scoop on profanity, nudity, and violence in Captain Marvel and whether you should bring your little kids.

Is Captain Marvel Kid Friendly?

Is Captain Marvel Kid Friendly?

Comparatively speaking, Captain Marvel is more kid friendly than other Marvel films. First reports indicated that it wasn’t that violent, but I found it to be more violent than people let on. However, if you have girls, it’s hard to say don’t bring them. Because Carol Danvers did not disappoint, and I want all my girls to see this one!

Profanity in Captain Marvel

On the profanity scale, it definitely did not rival Ant-Man or Guardians of the Galaxy. There were 4 uses of the word “hell,” plus one more in the credit scenes. There was one sh** and one sh**hole. There were 3 uses of a** and 2 dammits and 1 damn. They also said bastards and “Oh my g**” once. Also Samuel L. Jackson says the phrase “mother flerken” which is not the use of the f-word, but I’m sure would make children who are familiar with the other phrase giggle or turn red.

Were any of those words necessary? Nope. So I’ll still harp on Marvel to just get rid of them. There are other ways to get cheap laughs. Ok, maybe mother flerken was funny. 

Sexual Content in Captain Marvel

There was no nudity or romantic scenes in Captain Marvel. There was one scene where some people were inferring about penis size, but I would say it would go over the heads of most small children.

Violence in Captain Marvel

While there was not as much violence in Captain Marvel as Black Panther, I still thought there was quite a bit. I did not feel Black Panther was appropriate for young kids in my ‘Is BlackPanther kid friendly‘ review. There were explosions, lots of fighting, some sci-fi violence (almost comparable to Star Wars) and some close-up shootings. You do see a little blood (red and blue). 

Children who are sensitive to violence may be upset when they see people hurting Captain Marvel, and there is one scene that made me uncomfortable. 

Are the fight scenes too violent for little kids in Captain Marvel?

Is Captain Marvel Appropriate for Kids Under 8?

Is Captain Marvel ok for young kids?  If your children have seen all the Marvel movies, then this won’t be any worse than Black Panther for violence, Ant-Man and the Wasp for language, and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 for crude material. However, I would say no. Keep the little ones at home. 

Captain Marvel runs about 2 hours long. The first half is a little slow for young ones as they build up the back story for the second half. However, if your kids have seen every Marvel movie and are huge Marvel fans, then I think they’ll be fine content wise and will love Captain Marvel! 

I would recommend Captain Marvel for ages 10 and up, but I lean towards the conservative side for movie content for my kids. My 8-year-old daughter is a huge Marvel fan and is excited to see Carol Danvers on the big screen, so I will take her, but I know when I should cover her eyes.

If your children have seen The Avengers, they may be excited for Agent Coulson to be back even though this took place before he died. Check out these Marvel movies in order to get caught up on all the Marvel films! If you don’t have much time, then here are the 5 movies to watch before Captain Marvel.

Young Agent Coulson in Captain Marvel

What Kids and Parents Will Love About Captain Marvel

First of all, there’s a cat. Named Goose. And she’s a riot. Goose is definitely a scene stealer and kids and adults will love her.

Goose the Cat in Captain Marvel is kid friendly.

Nick Fury is funny, and he and Carol Danvers have a good banter and chemistry. 

Yes, Captain Marvel does a good job of cracking skrulls, and there’s enough action for the adults.

It’s a good lead in to Avengers: Endgame. That’s all I’ll say about that to avoid spoilers. 

90s music rocks, and this soundtrack is amazing! I loved the 90s references and seeing both Coulson and Fury with hair.

Plus it was really fun for me to see some of the scenes filmed and props used during my Captain Marvel set visit!

Captain Marvel and Girl Power

I cried. For several reasons. Finally. A Female Marvel headliner. Shero. Bad-A. Strong. Courageous. Powerful. Caring. Vulnerable. All of those adjectives describe Carol Danvers, and they’re what I’ve been waiting for in a female superhero. I am the mother of 5 girls, and it will always be my job to help them be more self-confident and be a good human. Captain Marvel helps me do that job. 

There are real-life examples of strong, courageous women, but sometimes you just want to see them on the big screen in a red and blue suit. You may be able to find flaws and nitpick at what you didn’t like, but at the end of the day, Captain Marvel did its job. This film has so much heart, I can’t help but love it! Higher, Further, Faster, baby.

Is Captain Marvel kid friendly? Maybe not for all kids, but it’s worth the price of admission.

Is Captain Marvel Kid Friendly? What ages should see Captain Marvel? Here's my parent movie guide on the profanity, violence, and sexual content in Marvel's latest film.

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