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Painted Love Sign Valentine’s Day Craft for Kids

I’m over here googling different Valentine’s Day crafts for kids since I’m room mom for my daughter’s class. Then I remembered this adorable painted love Valentine’s Day craft they did in my first grader’s class last year. It was simple, fun, and involved paint. I know, I know, but this was craft was fairly clean and did not involve fingers in the paint. 

Valentine's Day Craft for Kids Class Parties

Valentine’s Day Craft for Kids With Paint

I’m all for kids being creative, and I love that this Valentine’s Day craft uses cotton balls to paint, and the kids loved it! They were so happy to be able to paint to their heart’s content and make masterpieces.

Valentine’s Day Craft Materials

White paper

Paper Plates

Cotton Balls


Cut out letters

Masking Tape


How to Make a Painted Love Sign

You can cover tables with newspaper or a disposable tablecloth. Have your letters cut out. This craft spells out LOVE. 

You can also do other crafts with different words and different size papers.

Tape down the letters with a piece of masking tape onto the paper. 

Have the children put a cotton ball in a clothespin, dip it in paint, and blot all over. You can paint over the letters, because you’ll remove them later!

Valentine's Day Paint Craft For Kids

All the kids had so much fun! And the chances are much slimmer of getting paint on clothing. 

If you want to use paintbrushes, then use paintbrushes! There are so many options to make this craft.

Paint Craft for elementary kids for Valentine's Day

Let the paint dry, then remove the letter and you have a beautiful painted sign to hang up! This Valentine’s Day craft is great for elementary school kids and preschoolers!

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

Valentine's Day Paint Craft for Preschoolers