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Free Printable Popcorn Valentines For Kids

Me + Valentines cards for kids needs to be simple. The past couple of years I’ve noticed that Valentines cards for kids in the store are outdated and most have candy which isn’t allowed at our school. Now it’s just as easy for me to print my own kids’ Valentines Cards, and I like non-candy Valentine ideas. Here is an adorable Popcorn Valentine printable for your child to hand out at class, at a party, or to their friends outside of school. These Printable Popcorn Valentines are perfect for movie nights!

Printable Popcorn Valentines

Free Printable Valentine Cards For Kids

My kids still love passing out Valentines Day Cards to their friends. And they love being involved in the process. With 5 kids, I always have to be prepared with different ideas, because they all have their opinions about what they like and don’t like.

Free Printable Valentine for Kids


Our school doesn’t allow candy Valentines, but my kids and their friends still love food. The school will allow unpopped microwaved popcorn since it’s packaged.

If you don’t want food Valentines cards for kids, then try these free printable Slime Valentines! Or these Sonic the Hedgehog Printable Valentines. And if you’re having a party, this cute Valentine’s Day craft is perfect. 

Free Popcorn Valentine Printable

You can print your free Popcorn Valentines cards by clicking the image below. It will take you to a PDF with better quality. The Popcorn Valentine printable will print 3 Valentines on one sheet.

Popcorn Valentine Printable

Once you print and cut your valentines, tie the Valentines card onto your microwave popcorn with some cute string.

Make your own DIY Valentines cards with kids with free Popcorn Valentine printables.

And there you go – easy peasy DIY Valentines cards for kids! Their friends will love it, and it’ll be different than a pencil or stickers.

These are also great for Valentines cards from parents. You can make a movie basket to go along with your Valentine cards for kids. My girls would adore that gift idea.

Other “pop” ideas would be Pop Rocks, Soda Pop, Pop Tarts, etc! 

DIY Printable Popcorn Valentines


Enjoy and Happy Valentines Day!

Easy DIY Popcorn Valentine Printable for Valentines cards for kids to hand out at school! These are also easy to make in the classroom and a good Valentine from parents.

For something more adult, enjoy these funny Valentine’s Day memes to share with friends!

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