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Best 2024 Valentine’s Day Memes Better Than Chocolate

Oh Valentine’s Day. You either love it or you hate it. But we can all agree that we love funny Valentine’s Day Memes. Some of them are a little savage. These best Valentine’s Day memes for 2024 are just what you need to celebrate Single Awareness Day.

Funny Valentine’s Day Memes for 2024

There’s nothing a funny Valentine’s Day Meme can’t solve. No date? Psh, who needs one? Crazy ex? You’re better off single. In love? Awwww. 

You can share these memes for Valentines Day on social media, with friends, or slip into someone’s DMs. We even have some pickup lines for you.

If you need a little something more tame for the day of love, then check out these Marvel Valentines Memes.

Why yes, I do have a date for Valentine’s Day. February 14th.

Funny Valentine's Day Meme

Funny Valentine’s Day Meme

If ever there were a more perfect funny Valentines Day Meme for 2023. Eggs are so expensive! Here are some more funny egg memes.

2023 Valentines Day Meme

Nothing wrong with a little Netflix and chill. By yourself.

Hilarious Valentines Day Meme 2023

Valentine’s Day Meme

It’s that revenge plan. Eat your heart out, ex.

Valentines Day Meme 2023

Yup, Happy Single Awareness Day.

Single Awareness Day Memes

Totally normal to have these plans on Valentines Day.

Revenge Valentine's Day Meme


Valentine's Day Memes 2022

So maybe you’ve just had a breakup…totally not your fault. They were a mess. 

Valentine's Day Meme

Love, schmove. It’s science.

Savage Valentine's Day Memes

Best Valentine’s Day Meme

Is it really a meme post without a Star Wars meme? But also, hahahahaha!

Star Wars Valentine's Meme

Also, now’s a good time to speak up. You’re running out of time.

Funny Valentines Day Memes 2023

Just in case you haven’t given up on love. Here’s a pickup line for you. You’re welcome.

Hilarious Valentine's Meme

Valentines Day Meme

Again. You’re welcome.


Sure, just rub it in again.

Harry Potter Valentine's Day Meme

Dang, even Target isn’t playing around.

Valentine's Meme 2022

Valentine’s Day Memes for Singles

Is it really that bad to be single on Valentines Day? You get to do what you want. This is the year of Miley. We can buy ourselves flowers! 

Well when you’re single on Valentine’s Day you don’t have to buy anyone a gift. Score!

Single on Valentines Day Meme

Valentine’s Day Meme 2023

See above.

Valentines Day Meme

Valentine’s Day? Ewww, gross.

Valentine's Day Meme Grumpy Cat

Aww, a Monsters, Inc. punny Valentine.

Valentines Memes

When Simon Cowell is your wingman. 

Hilarious Valentine's Day Meme

See? Now that’s smart.

Salty Valentine's Day Meme

Also, you can have them.

Valentines Meme for exes

I knew karma was going to catch up one day.

single on valentines day meme

So stop asking!

Funny Valentines Memes for singles

Happy Valentine’s Day to those who celebrate!

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Funny Valentines Day Memes