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Is The Irregulars on Netflix Kid Friendly? Parents Guide

Wondering if The Irregulars on Netflix is ok for kids? The Irregulars is rated TV-14 for language, violence, and sexual content, but really should be rated TV-MA. There are some disturbing images, and it can be hella creepy, so I wouldn’t recommend The Irregulars for younger kids. Here’s what parents need to know in The Irregulars Parents Guide.

The Irregulars Parents Guide Netflix

The Irregulars Parents Guide

This dark series features a group of teens in the underground of London basically living on the streets and are manipulated into helping Dr Watson (Royce Pierreson) and Sherlock Holmes solve crimes involving supernatural forces. Babies are mysteriously disappearing and it seems as if crows could be the culprits. While it does take place around Baker Street in Victorian London, The Irregulars is not your typical Sherlock Holmes story.

Parents should know that even though The Irregulars is rated TV-14, there is strong language and sexual content including some naked behinds.


There is some language including sh*t, a**, fu*k, g-ddamit, prick, bastard, piss, twat, and Jesus Christ.

Mature Content

The Irregulars has a dark magic tone. A character gets her eyes clawed out by birds and her dead body is shown, bloodied. 

Scary and shadowy figures appear through the series.

A character has disturbing nightmares. 

A shower scene shows several men without clothes. You see many naked backsides. There’s no full frontal nudity but a quick glimpse of a carefully placed towel.  

A character mentions a torture chamber with sex equipment. Another character unknowingly gets a prostitute to offer to relieve him.

There are many storylines with gross images and frightening scenes to make young ones jump. There are also murders and attempted murders. 

Is The Irregulars kid friendly?

Is The Irregulars Appropriate for Kids Under 14?

If your teens like supernatural and dark themes, then The Irregulars may be for them. It’s probably darker than Stranger Things, but not as funny. I wouldn’t recommend it for kids younger than 14. And frankly, I’ll be having nightmares tonight. 

Is the show well done? Yes, it’s intriguing, diverse, and engaging. These teens are smart and empathetic and each episode is its own mystery. It’s like a teenage X-Files. Teens will most likely like it it due to the attractive main characters. 

While there are some Sherlock Holmes references, do not expect this to be canon. Enola Holmes also wasn’t canon, but it was more lighthearted.  If you don’t like Ouija Board paranormal, then maybe skip this one.

The Irregulars Poster Netflix


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Graxxor Vidhelssen

Monday 5th of April 2021

For me it's like an up to date version of Dr. Who or the Twilight Zone mixed with a spot of Sapphire and Steel. My daughters (12 and 14) both love it and like to watch from between their fingers like I used to watch Dr. Who back in the 70s... As for the language.. well, they are used to hearing far worse language at school and know the difference between language used emotionally and as half asian upbrining in a Covid world, unfortunately, language used for violence or hate.

Having watched the whole sure, it's clear that the occasional F-bomb and other vernacular are used exclusively for expressions of inner frustration and general anger rather than being used vehemently directed towards others, as such, I have no qualms about my daughters watching picking up any bad habits from this.

Also, the show is inclusive (to a fault, even) and has a strong, full-hearted female half-asian lead in Bea... An excellent and suitable role model for my kids!

15 Best Quotes from The Irregulars on Netflix - Lola Lambchops

Wednesday 31st of March 2021

[…] Did I miss any of your favorite quotes in The Irregulars? Drop them in the comments below. And find out age recommendations for the show in The Irregulars Parents Guide. […]