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Is Stranger Things Season 3 Kid Friendly?

Stranger Things Season 3 is on Netflix now and while many people have binged it already, there are some parents who have asked me to do a parent review for Stranger Things Season 3. Is Stranger Things Season 3 kid friendly? If your kids watched the first two seasons, then violence is pretty on par, but the kids are older, so there is some more mature content in this season. Here are the details about language, violence and sexual content in Stranger Things 3.

Is Stranger Things Season 3 kid friendly?

Is Stranger Things Season 3 Kid Friendly?

If you don’t like the s-word, then don’t watch Stranger Things 3. Because it felt like every other word was some form of the s-word. I remember them being mouthy in the first season of Stranger Things, then it got a little worse in the second season, and in the third season, even more. Plus the younger kids are making out now and the Mind Flayer is creepy as crap. 

Plus with them being true to the times, there’s a lot of smoking and a whole lotta lack of parental supervision. So just proceed with caution if you’re going to let middle schoolers watch this, which I don’t recommend. 

Language in Stranger Things 3

There’s a lot of language in Stranger Things Season3. I’m not going to sugar coat it. I started counting every word, but I got tired after 15-20 uses of sh–, sh–head, or bullsh– in each episode. There are a couple of episodes that are a little lighter, but you can’t really skip one if you want to keep up with the storyline.

Also said various times are a–, a–hole, bit-h, damn, bastards, and they say pus-y a couple of times. There’s also a lot of use of taking the Lord’s name in vain like Jesus, Jesus Christ, and g-ddammit. There may have been one use of the f-word, but I couldn’t tell if she completed the word, because it was a tense scene.

Violence in Stranger Things 3

One of the reasons I like Stranger Things as an adult is because I can take some creepy, but I don’t like gory. Stranger Things Season 3 is a more gory and bloody than the other seasons. There’s a lot more murders, people burning, people’s faces getting ripped off, gun violence, disgusting monsters, and rats exploding. There were several scenes when I had to look away.

Mature Content in Stranger Things 3

Not only are the middle schoolers kissing, but there are also other sexual references. One teenager spends the night at another’s house and you see her in her underwear. Moms of the community are lusting after a lifeguard. There’s some talk about sex amongst adults. You see a couple of covers of Penthouse magazine in a drawer. 

Like I mentioned before there’s a lot of smoking, which with all the vaping going on, may not be good for some teens. There’s also a lot of disrespectful attitudes and words exchanged between adults and children. 

Is Stranger Things Season 3 Appropriate for Kids Under 14?

Stranger Things Season 3 is rated PG-14, and I would mostly agree with this. I understand why kids would be fans of Stranger Things, especially if they’ve been following the gang from the beginning. Is Stranger Things Season 3 kid friendly? Because of language, violence, and mature content, I don’t recommend Stranger Things 3 as a show for middle schoolers. 

Overall, Stranger Things Season 3 follows the same type of storyline as the first two, with the same sci-fi chilling music,  awkward relationships, and funny characters. Robin, Steve, Scoops Ahoy, and the Starcourt Mall provide some opportunities for fun and laughs, and Erica, Lucas’s little sister, is a bit over the top but what would Stranger Things be without drama?

While I enjoyed this latest season, Stranger Things is going to need somewhat of a makeover if they’re having a fourth. The whole Russian storyline seemed a bit irrelevant and confusing. There are heartwarming moments, plenty of discussions for parents and teens to have after watching, and growth in characters. So, no, not perfect, but count me in for dressing like Steve and Robin this October, and you better believe I’m buying U.S.S. Butterscotch Ice Cream from Baskin Robbins. But I’ll be darned if I’m still not mad about Barb from Season 1.

Is Stranger Things Season 3 ok for kids? I recommend 14 and up.

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