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Is Reacher on Prime Video Kid Friendly? Parents Guide

Wondering if Reacher on Amazon Prime Video is ok for kids? Reacher is rated TV-MA for language, violence, and nudity. The casting of Reacher is better this go around, but is it kid friendly? No, not for young children. Here’s what parents need to know in this Reacher Parents Guide.

Reacher Parents Guide

Reacher Parents Guide

When retired Military Police Officer Jack Reacher (Alan Ritchson) is arrested for a murder he did not commit, he finds himself in the middle of a deadly conspiracy full of dirty cops, shady businessmen and scheming politicians. However, Reacher is a large man and officials cannot physically contain him, so they decide to use him as a pawn to find out the truth about these string of murders in Mangrave, GA. 

Why is Reacher Rated TV-MA?

Reacher is rated TV-MA for violence, language, and nudity which means some material is not suitable for children and is made for mature audiences.


Reacher contains profanity like fu*k, sh*t, bit*h, a**, damn, and words of Deity including g-ddamn. 

Mature Content

Violence in Reacher is quite heavy including many brutal scenes where characters are beaten, strangled, castrated, and eyes are gouged out. Many weapons are used and body parts are broken. Some scenes are quite graphic. A deceased character that has been castrated is pinned to the wall and you can see all the details.

Sexual content includes implied sex and nudity including bare butts during a prison shower scene and another shower scene involving a male and female shows another bare bottom and bare breasts and nipples. A scene in a strip club in Episode 5 shows topless dancers that also expose bare breasts and nipples and suggestive dancing. 

Is Reacher kid friendly Prime Video

Is Reacher Appropriate for Kids Under 16?

Reacher is an action show for fans of the novels and who like action shows where people beat each other up and have been falsely accused. However, things are rated TV-MA for a reason. I wouldn’t recommend it for kids or teens due to unnecessary nudity. Side note: why is random nudity in a show still a thing? For “authenticity?”

Reacher is fine. Some of the dialogue is mundane and the character development is shallow, but the casting of Alan Ritchson fits the narrative of the novels better. Not that Tom Cruise was horrible; he just didn’t quite fit the description. However, the Prime Video series didn’t give much room for Ritchson to grow.

Reacher won’t change your life, but it may entertain you. 

Reacher ok for kids

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Friday 9th of September 2022

The writers of this show are very lazy and frequently resort to punches-in-the-face instead of working out more complicated dialogue and drama. Another theme, expressed aloud because the writers are not skilled enough to evoke any juxtapositions or plot mechanisms, is that it's okay to kill adults who harm kids. Qanon much? I'd warn folks away, but 30 mins watching will do that anyway. This show is garbage.

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Friday 18th of February 2022

[…] Reacher Parents Guide […]

Brian y

Friday 11th of February 2022

Thank you so much for the information. My wife and I consider ourselves "kids" and it's good to know that someone is screening shows, so we don't have to waste ten or fifteen minutes and have to turn it off. Thank you again