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The Most Southern Sweet Magnolias Quotes

As soon as I heard the first, “Bless your heart” on Sweet Magnolias, I was waiting to see what other delicious southern Sweet Magnolias quotes I would hear. And they did not disappoint. Southern women have a way with words. Here are some of my favorite quotes from Sweet Magnolias on Netflix!

Southern Sweet Magnolias Quotes

Best Sweet Magnolias Quotes on Netflix

When you get a bunch of friends who gab, you’re bound to get some great one-liners. Sweet Magnolias is about three childhood best friends living in a small town, Serenity, South Carolina. They support each other through the good times and the bad. 

I am not Southern, so I can’t tell you whether these Sweet Magnolias quotes are accurate or whether Southerners actually use some of these phrases, but I appreciate some of the snarky sentiments as well as the wise advice.

Check out some of these quotes from favorite characters like Maddie, Helen, Dana Sue, and even snakey Mary Vaughn. They are friendship goals.

While you’re busy hanging price tags, Bill Townsend, keep in mind that you aren’t worth the skin God spent to wrap your bones in. You best pray he doesn’t regret his investment in you as much as I regret mine. -Maddie

Maddie, this is hard, but you will persevere. -Helen

Seriously, first a baseball star and now a theater star. Am I even worthy to walk to school with the two of you? -Annie

Ooh, bless your heart. Go ahead then and work your magic. -Dana Sue

Okay, so because of what happened with your dad, you are gonna mock this whole town which is filled with good people just doing their best to get through the day?  -Dana Sue

Go upstairs before you say something that I will make you regret. -Maddie

I’ve only seen one play. It was beautiful. It was called Cats. -Noreen
But that was a musical. It’s not real theater. -Kyle

I will not have a man who lies in this kitchen or in my life. -Dana Sue

I will stop pushing, but I will not stop worrying. It is how I express my love. -Helen

Best Quotes from Sweet Magnolias

And, Peggy, I hope that for the benefit of an informed populace, you will cover this public meeting in your role as a deputy editor of our paper and not in the role of Mary Vaughn’s best friend. -Helen

No rest for the weary. -Helen
Or the wicked. -Erik

Gossip travels like grease through a goose in this town. -Maddie

Pipes in the walls upstairs have been leaking. Corroded everything. Soaked down through the walls, seeped into the floorboards like deceit in a soul. -Skeeter

Today was a weird day. -Cal
What, like polka-dotted fish with two heads weird or like not everybody likes Beyonce weird? -Trotter

You two feel free to continue this little Tiger Beat meeting without me. -Helen

Six of one, half dozen the other. -Helen

Well my, my, aren’t we living in high cotton? -Mary Vaughn

Do the storms ever stop? -Helen
No. But neither do the rainbows. -Maddie

You are bound and determined to make me as fat as a tick. -Helen

Everyone is entitled to be sad, but no one should be sad alone.

My life is a mess. I’m holding it together with duct tape and happy thoughts, and I’m running out of both. -Maddie

Did I miss any of your favorite quotes? Drop them in the comments below!

Sweet Magnolias on Netflix

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Tuesday 23rd of June 2020

[…] Southern Sweet Magnolias Quotes […]

Dare To say it

Friday 5th of June 2020

The one quote you missed was the one chef Eric said to Helen : "If Mother Nature didn't like curves, she would've made the earth flat".


Monday 8th of June 2020

Hahaha! That one made me laugh, thanks!

Sarah Krewis

Wednesday 27th of May 2020

"Everyone is entitled to be sad, but no one should be sad alone." (I think Helen said this)

"My life is a mess. I'm holding it together with duct tape and happy thoughts, and I'm running out of both" --Maddie.

These two are my favorite and really stood out to me.


Wednesday 27th of May 2020

These are great, thank you!

Ellen Adams

Monday 25th of May 2020

We lived in Covington, GA just 2 blocks from the downtown square so naturally the show evokes so much nostalgia in me. My now 19 year old son and I spent so many wonderful afternoons downtown when he was a toddler. I would walk him from our house in his stroller to the soda shop (now a pharmacy) for Frito Pie and Coke floats. We sat right at the counter and chatted with Harold and Miss Diane,the very sweet owners, on an almost daily basis. And our son had his overseas adoption legalized in the courthouse! Anyway, to my mind, the dialogue, mannerisms, nicknames, etc are all very accurate in their portrayal of a small southern town, so much so that I felt more like a member of the Serenity community than a viewer. Oh, and one of the ladies in my current bible study is Miss Grace on the show! Sure hope they keep it going. You are right to call it comfort food!!!


Monday 25th of May 2020

Thank you for sharing this! I love that Miss Grace is in your bible study! And I really hope they get another season!