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Is Marvel’s What If…? Kid Friendly? Parents Guide

Wondering if Marvel’s What If…? is ok for kids? What If…? is rated TV-14 for language and action sequences, which means it may not be suitable for all children. Although it’s animated, some kids may not understand the flips and alternate events going on with their favorite superheroes when their stories are not the same as in the MCU. Here’s what parents need to know in this What If…? Parents Guide.

Marvel What If Parents Guide

Is What If…? Kid Friendly? 

Marvel’s What If…? is flipping the switch on the traditional Marvel Cinematic Universe stories and characters we have grown to love, reimagining famous events from the movies in unexpected and surprising ways. What if it was Peggy Carter who took the serum and not Steve Rogers? What if T’Challa was Star-Lord? What if certain decisions influenced the multiverse? 

When watching the Marvel movies in order, I often had similar thoughts. What if this had happened? What if that character decided to not sacrifice themselves?

Why is What If rated TV-14? For a lot of action, animated violence, and some language. 


Language is minimal (but still unnecessary) and includes a bunch of hells and damns. There are also some phrases like “the balls you had.”

Mature Content

There is a lot of violence in What If…? for an animated show. In the first episode when Peggy Carter becomes a super soldier, she is jacked and does a lot of fighting, punching, kicking, etc. There are a lot of scenes with machine guns and weapons. 

Episode 4 of What If is pretty dark and sad. You rewatch a death over and over and go through intense grief with a character. It’s a dark path and actually pretty jacked up. There are also some deep quotes in What If from various characters in episode 4. 

Marvel What If ok for kids?

Is What If…? Appropriate For Kids Under 10?

From a kid-friendly Marvel point of view, What If…? is more age appropriate than most. It’s animated, so the violence isn’t as in your face, although there is plenty. Although there really shouldn’t be any language in this series, it’s minimal compared to the movies. 

For younger kids, it just may be confusing when they see their favorite characters in different roles that are not typical to their personalities. The multiverse has infinite possibilities. You get a little taste of that in Loki.

Also, some of the episodes are dark and not as light-hearted as some. I was pretty on board until episode 4. Not saying it’s not good TV, it’s just not happy TV, especially for little ones.

I applaud Marvel for exploring new realms and expanding the universe. It’s fun to see characters who were once gone come back, some similar, some not. And of course, hearing Chadwick Boseman’s voice is a thrill and a heartbreaker. 

While the series is definitely quirky and fun at times, I’m not completely sold. It’s hard for me to see the characters I love and have grown attached to in a different way. The voices that aren’t the original actors also bothered me, but that’s personal preference. 

I wish Marvel had thought a little bit more out of the box and gotten even crazier, but there is still plenty of What If…? to be seen.

Is Marvel's What If kid friendly?

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