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What Made Kristen Bell and I Cry Together at the Frozen 2 Press Conference

I’ve been a huge fan of Kristen Bell since the Veronica Mars days, but what I love most about Kristen is her heart. As a tender-hearted person, I cried several times during the Frozen 2 press conference, but I also got a glimpse of the evolution of Kristen Bell as Anna, just like Anna evolved through Frozen 2. Then at the end, we cried together and shared a moment. What made us cry? Here’s how Frozen and Frozen 2 are changing the world.

Warning: There are Frozen 2 spoilers in this post, so don’t read it if you haven’t seen the movie. Or you can read it if you don’t care about spoilers.

Kristen Bell Frozen 2 Press Junket

On Motherhood

A couple of days after I attended the Frozen 2 World Premiere, we were able to attend the Frozen 2 Press Junket with most of the cast and directors of Frozen 2. One of the questions asked was about the darkness in Frozen 2, as it was a bit more intense than Frozen. I address some of it in my Frozen 2 Parent Review.

Perhaps one of the reasons I admire Kristen Bell and connect with her is because she’s the mother of 2 girls. I’m the mother of 5 girls, and as parents or people who want the world to be a better place, we’re all connected. Kristen addressed the question beautifully.

Kristen Bell: “We don’t give kids enough credit for their ability to digest complex situations and trauma and struggle. That’s why the first one [Frozen] hit, because it taught kids, what do you do when you feel shy and vulnerable and incredibly powerful? It’s great for kids to be a little bit on the edge of their seats, because it’s a safe environment to try on those emotions.”

This is so true. As a parent I tend to overprotect. But it also shows me that movies impact people and children – for the good and the bad.

Kristen Bell Wants You to Leave Frozen 2 With All Your Cups Full

Frozen 2 explores different types of love – self-love, familial love, and romantic love.

How does Kristen Bell want you to leave Frozen 2? With all your cups full. She said,”They’re all full, starting with self-love. But you also feel like you are capable to go out in the world and accomplish things. I hope when people leave, they feel fulfilled, but they also feel like stepping into their unknown might be exciting. ”

Kristen Bell talks Anna spoilers in Frozen 2

Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for Disney

Why Does Anna Become Queen in Frozen 2?

Yup, here’s that Frozen 2 spoiler. Anna becomes queen at the end. The directors always knew she would be even from the beginning. Directors Jennifer Lee and Chris Buck talked about why they made that decision.

Chris Buck: We knew from the beginning our ending. We knew Anna should be queen and Elsa should be free. 

Jennifer Lee: “There’s the moment for big sister/little sister where your big sister sees you as the whole person and the potential that the little sister has risen up to a place of ‘I see your power.’ Anna is a leader, and she’s the best kind of leader, because she’s nurturing and giving. She’s the one who lifts people up, and that’s the best kind of leader.”

Here’s  Kristen Bell’s reaction to Anna’s fate from my friend, Mama’s Geeky. Kristen really connects to Anna in Frozen 2 and sees herself in her. She also talked about Anna and Elsa’s sisterly love and raved about the writers and how they wrote the scene.

Kristen Bell: “It was a beautiful gift that matched Anna’s drive in saying, Elsa, your ideas are crazy and weird, but also I’m going to stand right next to you while you try to accomplish them.”

I admitted that I didn’t get Frozen 2 the first time I watched. I thought it was great, but after hearing the insights from the cast and filmmakers, the lightbulbs went off and my heart was opened even more. As the mother of daughters, I should have been listening more during the film. Anna is queen and Elsa is free. Let that sink in.

And Then We Cried Again 

This is where Kristen Bell and I shared a moment, when Director Chris Buck started dropping the feelings about the impact of Frozen and not caring about how much money Frozen 2 would make at the box office. 

He said that they have been floored by the response from Frozen. They all get to hear stories on how Frozen has impacted them.

Chris Buck: “People that come to us and say that the movie brought their family back together, that it’s changed their lives, a lot of art students are now getting into art, because of Frozen. The ones that we hear from a lot are the people who have been going through a tough time and say I was ready to commit suicide. And I saw the first one, and I saw Elsa, and I saw her journey, and I saw your characters and I am still here, because of this movie and because of you guys. For us it’s very very powerful. It’s all about touching people.”

Kristen Bell Crying During Frozen 2 Press Junket

I was sitting in the front row, and looked up through my own tears and saw Kristen Bell crying. Idina Menzel saw me, tapped Kristen and pointed at me, and then I half-smiled at her, letting her know I get it. 

I don’t know what caused Kristen to tear up, but I do know in that moment, for me, I felt like the power of what we say and do has an impact. The fact that an animated movie can save people, that writing stories that connect with people can save people is incredibly daunting and wonderful.

So the next time you watch Frozen 2, pay attention to the Frozen 2 quotes, but also let it sink in that Anna is queen and Elsa is free. Anna, the giver, the nurturer, in all her imperfections, is queen, because those qualities make a good leader. And Elsa is free of expectations, because her sister loved her enough to support her. 

Our words and actions matter.

And then to make this moment full circle, I saw Kristen Bell in the hallway and said, “Thank you for making me a marshmallow.” It’s a Veronica Mars reference, and I guess we’re both a couple of marshmallows.

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